About Me

Hi everyone, part-time blogger, full-time student and reader here!

If you haven't realized already, my name is Amy and I love to give reviews on all things I do whether it is reading books or watching movies. I also like free stuff so I like to keep you guys updated as much as possible on goodies that authors like to hand out if you purchase their books.

Yes, I am in college. Yes, sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I mean... Life happened. LAWLS.

I go to The University of Colorado Denver and am studying Communications with a minor in Business.

I am an avid reader in my family and friends. If you asked me to choose to go out partying with friends or curling up with a good book and/or movie, I would choose the latter.

If an author or aspired author is reading this, I would like to direct you over to Review Policies.

Lastly, if you haven't already but want to follow me, do that and keep up with my blog posts almost every Wednesday and Friday.

Love you, awesome book nerds.

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