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ARC: Thirteen - E.S. Carter (Love by Numbers #4)

Published Date: April 13, 2016
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: Thirteen... 
Unlucky for some. 
Including me.

The woman I loved left me on the thirteenth. 
Thirteen months of living together and she walked out the door without looking back, straight into another man's arms. 
She was kind enough to leave something to remind me of her: thirteen thousand pounds worth of debt.

Thirteen; the day I lost my nuts. 
Well, I didn't lose them, cancer took them from me. Better to be a man without balls than one without life.
Still, thirteen sucked... until it didn't.

Until her.
Thirteen might just be my new lucky number.

*Thirteen is book #4 in the 'Love by Numbers' series. It is interconnected but can be read as a standalone.*

My oh my, I think my heart was stolen by H.

When I think of the 13th, I think of Friday, and that is just bad luck for me. But not when I have met H. 

So ladies, get ready for your hearts to be stolen by him. Because it is time to #GoNutsforH 

I also added him to my book boyfriends list. Smart, funny, handsome, and also, fictional. No commitments, no worries ;) But you will want to get to know H.
At first, I didn't understand these hashtags but now I do and clever, E. Very Clever. Now I even now your weird and morbid fantasy of goats too and yes, they are indeed the craziest and evilest animals ever even if they are the cutest an stinkiest things that I have encountered. ;) I got your back. Especially since one of them trie to eat a shirt of mine. 

Anyways, back to the story. This was the first book I read of the Love by Numbers series and damn it, I want more of it. More. More. More. And more. There can never be enough E and you better start planning on writing from your grave because when you are long gone, you need to bring more work into my life. Kay? :) That sounds really morbid now that I am reading back on it.

Thirteen made my heart stop beating for thirteen beats. And then some. This is a beautiful 5 out of 5 stars.

The characters were so dark and yet so perfect. Damaged and yet fixed. They were each other's extra someone and I hope that there is a romance out there that I can find and call it my own. Darkly enough, I loved this HEA.

Friday, April 29, 2016

ARC: Forever PUCKED - Helena Hunting (PUCKED #4)

Published Date: March 29, 2016
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: Being engaged to Alex Waters, team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league, is awesome. How could it not be?

In addition to being an amazing hockey player, he’s an incurable romantic with an XL heart, and an XXL hockey stick in his pants. And he knows how to use it. Incredibly, orgasmically well. Alex is the whole package and more. Literally. Like his package is insane. Total world record holder material.

So it makes complete sense that Violet Hall can’t wait to nail him down to the matrimonial mattress and become Mrs. Violet Waters.

It’s so romantic.

Violet is totally stoked to set a date.

Eventually. At some point. Likely before the next millennium. Or when Violet stops getting hives every time someone brings up the wedding, and their mothers stop colluding on stadium sized venues. Whichever comes first.

Alright, Vi and Alex, did you want to make me cry? Because you successfully did so. Well, I guess I shouldn't say Vi and Alex because it was really Helena that made me tear up and suffer through this tear jerker. 

Not a bad thing.

But I swear that I have only been reading sad books and this is not okay. Well, okay, it's alright. But I think I cry way to easily. Now regarding this book, it is filled with romance and love that I cannot get over each character. 

We go back to the beginning. We learn more about each of the characters and it does switch the POV every other chapter so beware if you're not a fan of that. Now, these ladies remind me of the wives of something. Not the desperate housewives because they are anything but that.

Now, to the steamy romance. This is a story that love overcomes all. From the deep, ugly part of ourselves to the deep, pretty parts. You know? It just fills your body up with happiness as you read this book and about maybe two or three chapters in, you're definitely going to say, "You go, Vi. Power to you." 

Area 51 is mentioned in this book and I laughed every single time it was. I mean, come on. No one wants to find Area 51 and enter it. They wouldn't dare too... Right? 

With a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Excerpt: Wilder - G.K. DeRosa

“Okay so Dani pointed Nico Constantin out to me, Celeste. Let’s go introduce ourselves,” said Natalie, grabbing Celeste’s arm excitedly.
“Who’s Nico Constantin?” asked Brian returning his focus to the conversation.
“Oh you know, the mysterious stranger Celeste bumped into at the library over the weekend.” 
Celeste noticed Brian’s face tense up, but he coolly shrugged it off. “Nope never heard of him.” He looked at her disapprovingly. 
“Oh yeah, I guess it must have slipped my mind,” said Celeste. 
“Well, I’m going to grab a beer. You girls want something?” asked Brian.
“Sure!” the girls said in unison. 
As soon as Brian walked away, Natalie hurried Celeste over to the cramped kitchen. She pointed at the back corner of the apartment where a tall dark-haired boy was talking to a group of giggling girls.
“Look, is that your mystery man?” asked Natalie.
“I’m not sure,” answered Celeste trying to get a look over the crowd on her tiptoes. “He has his back to us so I can’t see his face.” 
“Well get over there Celeste! It looks like you’re going to have to get in line to talk to him. Look at all of those girls all over him!”
Celeste’s heart was pounding as she stared at the dark-haired stranger from across the room. “I don’t know about this Nat. What am I supposed to say? ‘Uh, hi, I’m the girl who bumped into you in the library, nice to meet you’?”
 “Who cares? Just get over there! Come on, I’ll go with you.” Natalie pulled Celeste by the arm. 
The girls made their way over to the other side of the apartment, weaving through the dense crowd of college students and stopped a few feet away from their target. 
“I can’t do this,” said Celeste.
“There’s no backing out now,” said Natalie as she squirmed through the crowd with Celeste in tow and tapped Nico on the shoulder. He turned around with a stunning smile and Celeste found herself face to face with him. 
“Well hello ladies, how can I help you?” he asked, warmth exuding from his voice.

Both girls were silent for a moment as they stared in appreciation of this gorgeous and impeccably dressed young man. His aqua button-down shirt was meticulously ironed, and his midnight blue designer jeans seemed custom made. He was tall, his short black hair neatly gelled back, with matching dark eyes and a teasing grin that would melt any girl’s heart. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ARC: Bodyguard Dearest - Alison Foster

Published Date: February 29, 2016
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: My name is Tris Kane and I'm so done with college and this whole town and the leash my gangster father wrapped around my life at birth.
Oh yeah, and let's not forget Tanner Hayes, my father's all muscle watchdog who lives in my shadow. He's my so-called bodyguard.
I don't need a fucking bodyguard! And I hate his rugged deliciousness. Tanner barely ever speaks, yet I can't stop thinking about him. He's always there.
It just makes me want to scream.

This book was an interesting take on everything. I honestly thought this book was a bit overrated and I didn't know how I felt about it. 

In some ways, I did enjoy this book. But in reality, I think I disliked the book more than I did enjoy it. I was going to use the word hate but I feel as though that is too strong of a word for this due to the fact that I was able to finish the book before I collapsed from the fatigue.

From what I understood, this was to be a taboo romance but I didn't see it as that. She seemed to be a fully consenting adult and from the way she teased him, it was supposed to be sexy. It wasn't. At least in my eyes. I truly thought this was a boring romance.

There was a climax and all but it fell as quickly as it rose. That is the sad part about some of these books. Romance is hard to capture and if you were never in love, there is no way to enhance that within your books. 

Ultimately, as unsure as I felt about this book, I think I will rate this a solid 3 out of 5 stars. I don't want to think of this as a DNF book or even an awful one that I suffered through. There were good parts to it but it made me yawn.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blog Tour: Wilder - G.K. DeRosa (The Guardian #1)

Publication date: June 12th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

All that Celeste Wilder ever wanted was to find someone who would sweep her off her feet like she had seen in countless romantic movies. When she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Constantin brothers her senior year of high school, she gets much more than what she had bargained for. As they introduce her to an exciting supernatural world that she never imagined existed, she makes a startling discovery about her own family legacy and is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.

On sale for 99c during the tour only!

Review: This book was a well-written book. G.K. DeRosa captures the fantasy of mythological creatures by putting a definite mind whirling spin on her characters. DeRosa cleverly combines The Vampire Diaries with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though not an original storyline, she makes the story work together. You will feel sympathy for Celeste because all she wanted was to have a normal life with normal friends. That is, until she runs into the new brothers in town. Literally. 
Though as aforementioned, it wasn't an original story and I had a hard time getting through the middle, the plot was meticulous and it was well developed. I pushed through this book because it was a cute young adult book. It captures how rebellious kids can be when restrained and confined into a narrow box. 
High school Celeste will make you laugh, cry, and ultimately enjoy this book. With a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars, blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

G.K. De Rosa has been an avid reader from a very young age. At the precocious age of two, while living in Italy, she had memorized an entire children’s book in Italian and expertly turned the pages at the exact right moments of the story. As she grew up, she always enjoyed literature, no doubt having been instilled with a love of story telling from her early years in Catholic school where she was greatly influenced by exemplary teachers who taught her the value of English and Literature. Though she did not pursue writing in college and instead went for the more traditional route of International Business inspired by her love for travel and all things foreign, after a move to New York City, she found her creative writing side calling once again. She began writing a restaurant review blog, City Lights and Tasty Bites, detailing her other passion – food! The hectic hustle and bustle of the city, combined with long commuting times gave her the opportunity to spend more time reading and rekindled a lost love. After reading countless books in many diverse genres over the two years in New York City, and returning to her home state of Florida, she felt compelled to write something for herself. She had always felt particularly drawn to Young Adult novels and having been an eternal romantic at heart, a fantasy romance was a natural choice. She currently lives in South Florida with her real life Prince Charming and their fur baby, Nico the German shepherd.

Author links:

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ARC: Painting Sky - Rita Branches

Published Date: April 25, 2016
Genre: Romance
Nobody ever said life was easy...

People pleaser, Jane Skylar wants nothing more than to earn her art degree, start her life, and bask in the bliss of living with her boyfriend.

But things don't always go as planned...

Struggling with her creative side, Jane finds herself in turmoil, often confiding in her roommate - another, more talented art student, Keith Hale. Keith just so happens to be her boyfriend's older, brooding brother. After a devastating breakup, Jane turns to Keith for comfort. But when the lines blur between roommate and lover, Jane's life becomes more complicated than ever before.

When Keith's past comes back to haunt him, their lives all get turned upside down, forcing the truth to surface. Now Jane must fight for what she wants--even if it hurts everyone she loves.


Review: This book stole my heart. It is official. My heart was broken and shattered at the same time for what I felt for the characters in this book. 

Rita Branches, a new author to me, brought one of the sexiest, sweetest, and loveliest books that I have ever drank up within a day. This was a book that I couldn't put down no matter how many times I tried to resist. If I saw the cover on my review copy, it would have drawn me in even more because I mean, look at how beautiful it is.

This had one of the most important lessons that I have ever read and learned through my young years. Don't judge someone because you don't know them and it gives you no right to base off people on how they look. It isn't fair to them because they can be the sweetest things on Earth but you would be too closed-minded to know.

Hell, this book as aforementioned had one of the strongest love stories that overcomes all. I felt the feels in this book and it is kind of impossible not too. I personally thought that it is impossible to love this book more than I do and it is mainly because of the fact that I finally let this book sink in. 

Though, the ending felt rushed, I think that this was an impeccable book with a beautiful message to send to all. I rate this a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds.

Rita Branches is an independent YA (young adult) author who enjoys spending every free moment (when she´s not reading) writing emotional stories. Visit:

Author links:

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ARC: Paper Dolls - Hanna Peach

Published Date: April 24, 2016
Genre: Suspense
Synopsis: My life comes down to this. Two faces. One choice.

Salem is my twin sister. She loved me. She protected me. She forgave me, even after I failed her. I just got her back after searching for three long, lonely years.

Then there’s Clay. Sweet yet intense and nursing a dark past of his own, he’s all the redemption I don’t deserve. He wants to open me up and know the insides of my soul. I want to let him, but I’m scared he’ll run from what he finds.

But I can’t have them both.

My name is Aria. I'm 18. And today, I must choose. One of the two people I love has to die. 

I am still under the spell of Paper Dolls. It was as riveting as I needed and I loved every single moment of it.  When it comes down to choosing one of my favorite genre's, it would probably be the dark and twisty kind. I like my messed up books. 

Suspense is a little word compared to what you feel in this book. It drives to the point of insanity. It makes you lose sleep. It makes you fall in love. When I signed up to read this book, I was not expecting to read this book. Well, I was but damn, it worked its way into my heart.

Hannah Peach, though not well known, will make your heart shatter into a million pieces. She is that kind of an author. I mean, this book ends with a happily ever after scenario but it was so dark and suspenseful that I couldn't get enough.

Talk about my messed up mind, right?

Without giving away any spoilers because I want you all to experience this book firsthand because I rate this a 5 out of 5 stars. It blew my mind and you will be in a book funk all over again. 

But I must ask you, will you be able to handle this emotional rollercoaster? Because I almost did not survive.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 



In moments like these, everything slowed. Salem always joked that it was life’s way of making sure you didn’t miss the turning points, the important bits. As if gravity sank heavier and heavier with the weight of the moment until the world was too heavy to turn and everyone held their breath.It certainly felt like that now. My next action, my next word, would change all of our lives.“Aria,” Clay’s deep voice reached my ears. “Whatever happens…I love you.” The usual assuredness and authority was gone. Instead, strain and hurt had crumpled up and shoved into his throat. Choose me. Save me. Love me.Before him my life had felt like a stack of old movies; frames missing or out of order, muted crackling sound, flickering and shuttering away, unloved and unseen in an old unused cinema.Then I found him. Or he found me.He created a warm shield around me where I could be safe. He coaxed away all my layers and shed all my masks and his love soaked right into my skin, right into the very soul of me. He pulled out the fossil buried inside that had been my heart and breathed life into me.How could I give up the man I loved? The one who loved me with a fierce and unwavering passion, the man who made me feel like I could defeat demons as long as he was by my side.Winking in the threads of sunlight piercing through the solemn gray clouds, seed fluff twirled about me like swirling, dancing couples. Spinning around like Salem and I used to do in our backyard, hands clasped together tightly, turning round and round, eyes to the sky, our twin voices giggling and floating into the air like dandelions.She had been my shield before Clay.“I’m nothing without you, Aria,” Salem’s voice trembled, desperation leaking into the breaths between her words. Choose me. Need me. Love me.How could I end her? I just got her back. For so long we shared almost everything, and she protected me. Her whole life had been about protecting me. Because she loved me that much.How could I turn against her, toss her away like an old broken toy?But I had to choose.I could see us now, the three of us making a chain like when I was a kid, folding pieces of colored paper into rectangles, cutting out an arm, a leg, and half a head, and unfurling my new patterns in the light to reveal a line of paper dolls. Clay, Salem and I − we were all just paper dolls in a paper chain, me in the middle, each end pulling tighter and tighter until something had to tear.Even now as I stare between Clay and Salem, trying to digest our impossible situation, Hope is still there, that terrible pixie, fluttering on my shoulder, whispering.Maybe it doesn’t have to end this way?Fuck you, Hope. Here’s the truth.Nobody is coming.No one will save us.And someone isn’t going to make it out of this forest today.“Choose,” my sister screamed. “It’s either him or me.”My fingers tightened around my gun in a reflex. This was it. I either ended her. Or destroyed Clay.I squeezed my eyelids shut for a moment, just for a moment of peace. Just for an instant I could shut out the inevitable, and in this blessed darkness I believed I could conceive a way that both could exist in my life. A way that I could choose Salem and Clay. You can’t have both.You tried.You.Can’t.Have.Both.Choose now.But how?What do you do when someone puts a gun to your head? Clay’s words came back to me, echoing as loud in my mind as if he had just spoken them. You refuse to bend. You push back. You find another way. You take that gun off him and put it back in his face. But you do not give in.Find another way…I knew what I had to do. A kind of peace settled on my skin, as delicate as gossamer, as light as silk.I opened my eyes to a world of bright light until my vision adjusted. The torn and pained faces of the two people I loved came into focus. The only two people I’ve shared air with while we slept, the same two people I’d crawl into Hell to be with, and the only two people I would die for. I forced the ghost of a smile forward.And turned the gun on myself.


Hanna is the bestselling author of the Bound romantic suspense series and the Dark Angel fantasy series. Although she writes in more than one genre she can’t write a book without weaving together a complicated plot and filling it with twists. She writes what she believes: good people can do bad things, ordinary people can do great things, and choose love above everything.

Eternally restless, Hanna has lived in Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Scotland, England, Croatia and Ireland – everything she owns fits into one suitcase. She’s planning her next move with her gorgeous (and understanding) partner right now. If not writing, she can be found wandering a dusty market in Marrakesh or trekking a mountain in Peru, often using her travels as settings in her novels.

To WIN a copy of her next release go to

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Wicked Games - Samanthe Beck (McCade Brothers #1.5)

Published Date: March 31, 2014
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

When a battle of wills becomes a game of lust, one wrong move could be fatal.

Actress Stacy Roberts is ready to ride her rising star straight to Hollywood’s A-list. All she needs is the famous Hollywood Hedonism party (check), one very naughty angel costume (check), and a few drinks to get her sexy swagger back (check, check). Tonight, she is not aching for her hot, hard-bodied ex. Or worrying about the threatening letters signed by "Your Worst Nightmare."

For Detective Ian Ford, "nightmare" doesn’t begin to cover it. Whatever demons prompted Stacy to cut and run have him tied up in knots. Worse, his ex is dressed to kill any man with a pulse, and Ian is seeing red. If Stacy wants trouble, she’ll find it. Only Ian’s going to make damned sure that the only trouble she gets is with him.There are no rules. They either both win, or they both lose. But this time, there’s an extra player—one who’s determined to make sure this is the very last game Stacy plays…

I didn't know what I was supposed to expect from this book other than the fact that I 1-Clicked this book from the cover of the book. It reminded me a lot of Jennifer L. Armentrout's series, The Gamble Brothers. Well, I guess it comes from the same publisher. Brothers. Who knew they could bring us so much joy?

Alright. These series tend to be a thriller kind of romance. There's an antagonist, protagonist, and a semi hero along for the ride. Isn't that all we dream about? A steamy romance minus the antagonist. You're looking for HEA and this book does have one but it also has the wave effect where you are going up and down and up and down. There's no plateau in this book, if that's what you're looking for.

It's hot. It's steamy. It's somewhat played out. 

I don't whether I am starting to get over romance but this one didn't seem to do it for me. I mean, sure, it had it's hot guy. The girl who needs saving but claims she doesn't. During this book, you'll probably want to close your book a few times before opening it again because it just didn't float your boat. 

But I do have to admit that Ian Ford is not only the typical alpha male that I so crave but there is also the factor that i hate that every romance book that the girl is always so messed up. Needs the saving. But hey, some people like that factor so go you, Samanthe Beck. I appreciate your writing. I really do. But I do have to say that the storyline did not thicken enough for me to enjoy the book. 

Don't get me wrong. I liked the book to an extent but I also think that there could have been more to the story. It jumped around way too much and it wasn't steady. So if a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, I'll leave you guys with the thought that if you like short and sweet HEA's, this is the book for you.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane (Movie Review)

Release Date: March 11, 2016
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Synopsis: After surviving a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two men. Howard (John Goodman) tells her that a massive chemical attack has rendered the air unbreathable, and their only hope of survival is to remain inside. Despite the comforts of home, Howard's controlling and menacing nature makes Michelle want to escape. After taking matters into her own hands, the young woman finally discovers the truth about the outside world.

I don't even know where to begin for this movie. I really don't. It is not a good thing but it isn't necessarily a bad thing either. 

Virtually knowing nothing while going into the movie, I didn't know what to think of the movie overall. The trailers revealed nothing and I felt nothing. Did I feel like I got what my money paid for? No. Not at all. Sure, the movie was suspenseful but overall, it was confusing as hell. 

And is it just me or does the creature look like the creature from Alien? Or are they related? Like long estranged cousins?

Was the man just clinically insane or was he actually right about an alien invasion? So many questions, needless to say ran through my head. I personally didn't like this movie and it is only because it was rather boring. As the story unravels, the worse it got. 

What I did enjoy was the fact that the alien was decently creepy. 

What I hated was everything else. The movie was felt rushed and I felt no connection to the characters such as how the characters' minds were slowly unraveling and there was no way to comprehend what was happening. 

To be honest, I felt bad for one of the characters. He didn't deserve the demise he got because although he was not a relevant character, it was a painful watching what happened. 

Did I feel the psycho-activity of the older man? Yes. Yes, I did. But it was just because there was something deteriorating in his brain and he could not comprehend his fantasies and he had to bring his crazy to others. So I am going to go ahead and rate this a 2.3 out of 5 stars.

Blog you later, awesome nerds.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blog Tour: Above The Flames - Cassandra Fear

Publication date: April 19th 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Jasmine’s sixteenth birthday was the worst ever…
All in one day, her dad died, she met a demon, and her mother rejected her existence forever. After all, the demon who killed her dad was there to take her, and all because of her stupid powers—the ability to conjure blue flames.
Two years later, she’s happy. But happy never lasts…
After moving to Idaho to live with her grandparents, Jasmine has a new life. Almost nobody knows about her powers, and she’s just a normal teenager with normal problems. Then comes her eighteenth birthday—and the earthquake that changes her world forever.
An army of demons rise from Hell. And Jasmine is right in the middle of the battle…
When demons claw their way to Earth, Jasmine is surrounded by hundreds of fire-eyed beasts. Worse, she is captured by a big-shot demon named Bael. He’s a tricky foe with a chip on his shoulder—and the desire to make Jasmine use her powers for evil.
Amon is a fallen angel with an attitude—and everything to lose.
Successfully escaping the underworld undetected, Amon is on a quest to regain God’s grace when he rescues Jasmine from the clutches of a particularly nasty demon he knows all too well. The attraction between him and the not-entirely-human captive is instantaneous. Heavenly sparks fly, but ideas of romance will have to wait. First they have to stop the demon race from wiping out the mortal realm. Humanity’s fate rests in their hands.
Can two troubled angels rise above the flames to ensure a future for mankind? Or will Jasmine and Amon’s souls be bound together—in hell?

Review: Fallen angels will always have my heart. When I read Above the Flames, my heart was enraptured and I loved how silly this book was and yet it was put together so beautifully. The only thing that I ask that if it is going to be a love story, there is no need for more than two POVs.

On Jasmine's sweet 16, her life goes to absolute hell. Why? You will just have to read this book.

I don't know whether it is because I am ultimately drawn to the whole fallen aspect of the characters. Everyone is damaged in someway somehow. But when Jasmine and Amon meet, sparks fly because they were made for each other. 

Without giving away too many spoilers or any at all, I would highly recommend this book because if you are into the whole paranormal/fantasy land, this book will be considered riveting to you. 


Cassandra Fear lives in Ohio with her husband, two kids and two dogs. Hiking, taking care of her fish tank and reading are her favorite hobbies. She loves chocolate, hates driving in the snow and could eat macaroni and cheese every day. In her spare time, she loves to write, and has always dreamed of becoming an author. Her dreams will become reality with her first book, Above the Flames.

Author links: