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Hi everyone and welcome to Amy's Review Obsession! 
As said in my biography, I am rather an avid reader and if you asked me whether I would go out partying or staying home & read some books, I would choose the latter. I will review any book format from audiobooks to hardcover/paperback even e-books will do. If you are an author or an aspiring one and you have a book that you would like me to review, please email me at

The movies that I review are purely for entertainment and it is usually day or two after I let the movie sink into my brain. 
I am not associated with any other review sites.

The books/movies that I am interested in currently are:

New Adult
Young Adult

But I will read almost anything.

5 stars - Love, love, LOVED the book
4 stars - Check the book out
3 stars - Could have been better
2 stars - Not really my read
1 star - Yikes...

The movie needs to have a little hype for me to watch. 

5 stars - Love, love, LOVED the movie and add to my collection
4 stars - I'd add to my collection, I'd watch it again
3 stars - Wasn't great, wasn't bad
2 stars - Oh god. 
1 star - Why the hell did I spend money?

All of the synopses and images has come from Goodreads. 
All images and synopses come from Google.

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