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Wicked Games - Samanthe Beck (McCade Brothers #1.5)

Published Date: March 31, 2014
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

When a battle of wills becomes a game of lust, one wrong move could be fatal.

Actress Stacy Roberts is ready to ride her rising star straight to Hollywood’s A-list. All she needs is the famous Hollywood Hedonism party (check), one very naughty angel costume (check), and a few drinks to get her sexy swagger back (check, check). Tonight, she is not aching for her hot, hard-bodied ex. Or worrying about the threatening letters signed by "Your Worst Nightmare."

For Detective Ian Ford, "nightmare" doesn’t begin to cover it. Whatever demons prompted Stacy to cut and run have him tied up in knots. Worse, his ex is dressed to kill any man with a pulse, and Ian is seeing red. If Stacy wants trouble, she’ll find it. Only Ian’s going to make damned sure that the only trouble she gets is with him.There are no rules. They either both win, or they both lose. But this time, there’s an extra player—one who’s determined to make sure this is the very last game Stacy plays…

I didn't know what I was supposed to expect from this book other than the fact that I 1-Clicked this book from the cover of the book. It reminded me a lot of Jennifer L. Armentrout's series, The Gamble Brothers. Well, I guess it comes from the same publisher. Brothers. Who knew they could bring us so much joy?

Alright. These series tend to be a thriller kind of romance. There's an antagonist, protagonist, and a semi hero along for the ride. Isn't that all we dream about? A steamy romance minus the antagonist. You're looking for HEA and this book does have one but it also has the wave effect where you are going up and down and up and down. There's no plateau in this book, if that's what you're looking for.

It's hot. It's steamy. It's somewhat played out. 

I don't whether I am starting to get over romance but this one didn't seem to do it for me. I mean, sure, it had it's hot guy. The girl who needs saving but claims she doesn't. During this book, you'll probably want to close your book a few times before opening it again because it just didn't float your boat. 

But I do have to admit that Ian Ford is not only the typical alpha male that I so crave but there is also the factor that i hate that every romance book that the girl is always so messed up. Needs the saving. But hey, some people like that factor so go you, Samanthe Beck. I appreciate your writing. I really do. But I do have to say that the storyline did not thicken enough for me to enjoy the book. 

Don't get me wrong. I liked the book to an extent but I also think that there could have been more to the story. It jumped around way too much and it wasn't steady. So if a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, I'll leave you guys with the thought that if you like short and sweet HEA's, this is the book for you.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

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