Thursday, April 7, 2016

Back Catalog: A Mended Heart - Jenn Leigh (Live & Love #2)

Published Date: August 3, 2015
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: Mark Bradley had it all: great family, great job, good friends, and up until twelve years ago, the love of his life. That fateful day changed when his love suddenly disappeared, only to return one year later as a changed woman, but she was withdrawn and standoffish, and it killed him inside. All he wanted to do was help her, yet she did nothing except push him away. Mark was patient, though. He knew she needed him. All he had to do was make her see it.

Nilka Abdani was carrying a secret, one that would crush a man’s soul, and not just any man—Mark Bradley. Nilka was sworn to secrecy, and for twelve long years, it ate her up inside, making her a shell of the woman she once was. She would give anything to have Mark back in her life. However, the secret was too much to bear. 

Mark’s desperate attempts to have Nilka back in his life backfired when Nilka’s secret was exposed. Could they make it through the hard times and still come out in one piece, especially when one final blow rocked their world?

I think that my jaw broke because this book was jaw breaking moment. Damn it. There were so many moments and I think it was because I read the novella after this book that I knew what and who and etc. There were so many twists and turns that my head hurts from trying to keep up with everything.

Out of the series, this was the best one that I have read because there was much love between the characters although much animosity for the secrets kept. In this book, secrets will be kept and be revealed. Hearts will hurt as much as they do mend. 

The antagonists in this particular book were awful but I couldn't help but wonder that the events that had happened in the past were the best thing for her. Of course it didn't go about it the right way because hey, they are the antagonists but it made me wonder and I put myself in her shoes. As angry as I would be, there will always be a lingering effect of the results.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING. Hearts will be crushed and yet you will feel ultimately satisfied through this book and I think that everyone should read this love story because it has a HEA but there is darkness within the pages. 

So I am going to rate this a 4 out of 5 stars. Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

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