Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mad Max - Fury Road (Movie Review)

Definitely one of my all time favorite movies just alone on the graphics.

Max, a communicator with the living and dead, or so he says. I can see more, PTSD from watching those you love die around you.

This movie had it's funny moments and cringe-worthy as well. The 5 wives were a nice touch because it just shows how deranged our society could possibly become.

You know, a question that always drove me insane was, I wonder if our future is going to be like:
a. The Hunger Games
b. Divergent
c. Maze Runner
d. Unwind
e. Mad Max

Share your thoughts with me!

I would recommend seeing this movie and maybe it is because I love action movies but I definitely fell in love with it. It had its share of sappy moments but not a lot which made it better. Also that guitarist, was probably one of my favorite character.

I heard little things about Norse mythology as well because they all want to awaited in Valhalla because they were all soldiers fighting for their God and if their lord looked at them straight in the  eyes, they were awaited.

Watch this movie!

XOXO readers!

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