Friday, May 29, 2015

The Forbidden Game: The Chase; The Kill - L.J. Smith

Sorry for the late post, readers but I just wanted to kick things off with my summer with unfortunately included work but I will finish tonight with this post because my fingers were just aching to type this to you guys. Here are the synopses for the last two books of the series.

Synopsis for The Chase: Jenny begins to get terrifying phone calls and soon it’s clear that Julian is loose is the real world.  More and more, Jenny falls under his spell, allowing herself the freedom to do as she likes, no matter the consequences.  It seems that Jenny has chosen Julian over Tom.  But then her friends are disappearing, sucked into the Shadow Lands, paper dolls left in their places.  Can Jenny outwit Julian without giving in to his demands entirely?

Synopsis for The Kill: Jenny returns to the place where it all began; her grandfather’s house, where as a child she first met the child-Julian.  A door with a strange rune on it opens to the most fantastic creation of Julian’s of all: an empty amusement park that Jenny loved as a child.  Except here, all the rides are deadly.  More, Jenny must survive her confrontations with an increasingly frustrated and determined Julian.  Will he really kill her if he can’t have her?  Jenny forces him to make the choice—and two worlds are changed forever.

Hey everyone! Totally ate up this book series this week. This book was just full of yumminess. Jenny is a complete badass but I hate her character just because she cannot choose between Julian and Tom, her childhood boyfriend. 

Sure, they are both hot, but measure up the qualities and then choose a guy, although macking on both of them is not such a bad things if you weren't dating one and kissing another!

Anyways, away from my rant, this book definitely had me eating out of its pages because of it's storyline. I am actually glad this author decided to combine all three novels to be purchased together for a minimum price because it was good reading one book after the other without having to put my Kindle down.

Although, I am sure that I am not going to be reading anymore of her books, she is an absolutely amazing writer. I think they could make a fantastic and super trippy movie about this.

I rate these two books with a fantabulous 5 out of 5 stars. 

Please read these three books and I am sure you will be eating out of their palms as well.

I also wanted to shout out to Jennifer L. Armentrout for showing me these series, or Buzzfeed is more like it about epic and/or steamy romantic books.

XOXO my little epic readers. See you on Wednesday or on a closer date depending how fast I read up another book. 

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