Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poltergeist (Movie Review)

Okay first off, I want to congratulate all those that graduated whether it was from high school or college! Not the easiest track but hey, you're slightly educated. I mean that in the best way possible.

I also want to take some time off to celebrate those that are serving and have served for our country. Not many people take the time to appreciate our soldiers but please remember that this day is one of the hardest for some and that it is not always about barbecues, the pool opening, and stuff like that. So please take a moment to thank those who have given their lives or are fighting for us now. I only bring this subject up because my best friend is in the Marines and I worry about him and his friends constantly when they go away. Another reason is because of that stupid new challenge of stomping on the American flag because I am sorry but when you step on one to show rebellion or that you think you are cool to do so, remember that you are stomping on all of them.

So I just came back from a scary movie remake and while it was still in my mind, I would love to give you a little movie review because I haven't done so in a while. I just watched Poltergeist, not the 1980's version but the 2015 one. 

Is it bad that I laughed during it? Because it did have its funny moments. Basically an overview of the movie is that dad loses job, can't live in current home, finds a new home for family while desperately trying to find another job however creepy little girl of the family talks to closet door while brother thinks everything is terrifying, mom is agitated because of no money and kids screaming about things moving on its own and blah blah blah. They find the little girl and try to run away and keep trying to find new place to live. 

Do I recommend seeing it? I mean, it's okay but I wouldn't waste another $10 on it. Watch the older version definitely because they knew how to scare people. 

What are you afraid of because these things know your worst fears and they will bring them to life.

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