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Inescapable - Nancy Mehl

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Synopsis: Lizzie Engel is used to running away. At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, her family, and her faith with plans never to return. Five years later, Lizzie finds she'll have to run again. False accusations at her job, a stalker, and a string of anonymous threatening letters have left her with no other options. This time, however, her escape is back to Kingdom, her hometown. 

As Lizzie becomes reacquainted with Kingdom, she realizes she may not have left her Mennonite roots and her faith as firmly in the past as she thought. She draws on the support of Noah Housler, an old friend, as she hides out and attempts to plan her next steps. 
When it becomes painfully clear that the danger has followed Lizzie to Kingdom, suspicions and tensions run high, and she no longer knows who to trust. With her life and the lives of those she loves at risk, Lizzie will have to run one last time--to a Father whose love is inescapable.
So I started to read this book with a closed off mind. The back seemed unappealing to me other than the fact that Lizzie Engel was used to running away.

What was she running away from? Who knows but all we do know is that she is running away again. There is a character in the book that she sees often but no one ever seems so it made me think that it is all in her head. 

This book is also very Puritan/Christian like. What I mean by that is that these are the olden time Christians where if you didn't go to church and didn't stick with the old times, you were automatically shunned. So when Charity, her daughter, gets introduced to the audience, you are already know, teenage pregnancy at such a young age... Blah, blah, blah... And so on. 

I did like the book in a way but I would have to rate this book a 3.5/5 stars for what it counts because Lizzie Engel's character did not develop all the way. I thought there was much potential that was lost. 

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