Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Broken Pieces - Kelly Moore (Broken Pieces #1)

Published Date: September 10, 2015
Genre: Erotica
Synopsis: His touch is scorching hot and rough, just how I like it. It's just sex. I don't believe in love, but he makes me feel things I have never felt. I want to try. I want to trust him with my secrets, but there is a good chance he will leave. He will see how broken I am. He is what I need to fix the broken pieces of my heart. At a very young age, violence and secrets forced Brogan to escape the only life she knew. Now a young woman with a good career, she hopes to finally forget her past. She is tormented by demons in her dreams, and it has threatened every sexual relationship she has ever had. Brogan meets Kyren Nolan, a sexy ex-military man. He is a yacht builder who has made his own wealth. He knows what he wants the minute he meets Brogan. He wants her, and his first meeting with her lands him on the ground. He doesn't take no for an answer. They start a passionate affair that turns into more. He teaches her that a gentle touch can create as much heat between them. They both struggle for control. But Kyren has his own scars and secrets. When their pasts collide, will they be able to overcome the broken pieces of both their lives together?

This was an interesting book to read from an erotic point of view because although there were certain points of that aforementioned genre, it didn't focus on that. I would rather call this a tragedy in the making.

Lies, secrets, and scars will be revealed and it will make your heart burn with animosity for the characters that did that to make the characters the way they are. Although it wouldn't have been a pretty decent book without this. Now working this book, you learn how broken people can truly be.

Breaking down walls and vanquishing the demons of the past: It will be a challenge for these characters as they give and take the strength that they need.

With the version that I received, there were safety precautions taken because the formatting really threw me off and so it took me a lot longer to read the book than it should have. I understand that they are precautions but there should be a level of trust between authors and certain bloggers.

Anyways, the POV changes a lot -- at least I think so -- between the two main characters.

Deep seated issues come out in this book and it truly is terrifying that this does happen to some families and we are truly unaware of these aforementioned issues. Kelly Moore does a pretty good job at creating this sub plot build up to the climax.

Though this didn't keep you on your toes as wanted, it still was a decent novel to read. So with a 3 out of 5 stars, I will blog you later, awesome book nerds.

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