Sunday, December 13, 2015

Author Interview: Meghan March

Hi everyone! Please give a warm welcome to Meghan March. A brilliant writer who has brought us the Dirty Billionaire series and of course, another addition to our alpha male book boyfriends list! May I just say that I am in love with this series so far and it gives Christian Grey a run for his money? 

So let's get started right away!

1. What/Who inspired you to become a writer that everyone would fall in love with?

I wanted to tell stories that would offer people an escape from their everyday lives because, as a reader, that’s what I love. I’ll always consider myself a reader first and a writer second.

2. What is your favorite book series? 

I love the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. It’s EPIC and her world-building is second to none.

3. If you could pick your favorite author, who would it be and why? That’s not a fair question! I have so many. Kresley Cole and Kristen Ashley are at the top of my list.

4. What inspired you to make the Dirty Billionaire series? I was on vacation in the Dominican and I had probably had a little too much coco loco, and this character’s voice popped into my head. It was Creighton Karas, and I wrote the blurb in less than two minutes. I haven’t changed it at all. The books grew from there. 

5. What is your favorite genre for books? I go through phases. For years, I read nothing but historical romance, and then paranormal, and then contemporary, and then erotic. Right now, I read anything and everything that strikes my fancy. 

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