Sunday, May 22, 2016

ARC: Mr. Perfect - J.A. Huss (The Mister #1)

Published Date: April 27, 2016
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: Wanting the perfect man doesn’t make me crazy. I just know what I like.

A powerful billionaire in a suit wasn’t even my first choice. McAllister Stonewall was never on my radar, I didn’t even know he existed.

But I do now.

His hands are all over me at work. The heat of his chest pressing against my bare back as he bends me over the desk is the only thing on my mind.

He is my most forbidden desires unleashed. He is my new secret obsession. He is my Mr. Perfect.

Until the moment I realize… There’s no such thing as perfect.

In little words to none, Mr. Perfect is just perfect. Or is he?

I want to give it higher than 4 perfect stars and then some but here is why I cannot give it any more. Maybe it is best explained that I am such a dark, twisted mind that I thought this wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, this book is twisted. I loved it because of how much it made your head spin and your fingers tapping on and on to find out what happens next. 

Devoured within a couple of days, the book is one PERFECT standalone and more to come in the series. Are you ready for the rest of the MISTER series? 

"There is no such thing as perfect."
Damn straight. There is no such thing as perfect. But Mac is someone who will show you the hedonism of utter pleasure just from reading the filthy words that exit his mouth. He wreaks havoc and crushes people under his power. Ellie is in for a ride. 

Though, JA Huss continues to deliver with her extremely erotic books that will have you squirming and looking around to make sure that no one sees you reading a practically karma sutra book. It was well-developed, romantic (hint, hint), and straight up perfect.

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