Saturday, May 7, 2016

Author Interview: Carly Phillips

Where did you come up with the Dare series?
I was looking for a way to write a long series without 12 siblings from one mother… I was also looking for meaty conflict that could sustain those books. The Dare series lets me show how each child reacted to the father’s ultimate betrayal.

What do you like to do on your free time?
I think I’m always working in some way. Internet is a time suck and it’s working even if I’m on Facebook. I love hanging out with my dogs, my husband (not in that order LOL), my girls/daughters. I like to shop. I love makeup so that’s always a fun trip to the mall!

Are the characters based off of anyone that you know? If so, who?

The characters are made up, purely fiction. Although I do believe that just by living life, I learn things that inevitably end up in my writing. I can’t say it’s conscious or that I ever based a character on a real person – except years ago a set of books, Kiss Me If You Can, was loosely based on quirky family/my grandmother.

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