Friday, September 25, 2015

ARC: Perfect - Vincent Morrone (The New Human #1)

Well first off, if you do not know what an ARC is, it is an Advanced Reading Copy provided either by the author or the publisher. I recently joined an awesome Facebook group that helps writers' come together and talk with one another.

The amazing Vincent Morrone has provided me with the first book in his new series: The New Human series, Perfect.
Expected Publication: October 16, 2015
Genre: Young Adult/Sci-Fi

Synopsis: Gage Hughes was left on the doorstep of his adoptive family when he was just 4 years old, with instructions to keep his superhuman abilities a secret. At 17 years old, he's able to bench press a tractor, move objects with his mind and leap over 60 foot trees. He's hidden in plain sight as a nerd who can't cross a room without tripping. (Although it's not as much of an act as you would think.) He's also completely in love with Allie Newfield, who has no idea who or what Gage is. She only knows that he’s her personal goof. 

Gage is trying to get the nerve up to ask her to the school dance when Lucas Black rides into town. With his Nordic God/Rock Star looks, his cool car and his bad boy attitude, Lucas seems to have taken an interest in Allie. 

Soon, Gage discovers someone is stalking Allie, someone who is as powerful as himself, if not more so. He thinks it might be Lucas, but Lucas isn't there to hurt Allie or her family. He came to Perfection for one reason only. 

To kill Gage.

Let's follow awkward Gage Hughes into his life trying to fit in high school. This story was a very cute and goofy one. I mean it's an awkward kid that has liked the girl... Correction, the prettiest girls that he has ever met. I can see a little something-something in the future because just from the beginning of the book, you find out that Gage was protecting Allie in every aspect even if she did not realize what he was. All he wants is her happiness but as long as she is in his life.

This is one of the most cliché books that I have ever read but it never seems to get old because I am always 'AWWW-ing' at every other part. But on the others, it had my heart breaking or jumping at the new unexpected thing.

Let's meet the main characters that show their POV:

Allie is funny, she's brave, pretty, and smart. Torn between two guys.

Lucas is hot and conceited but doesn't he know it, falling in love with a girl because of his mysterious connection with her.

Gage is a pink-turning goofball that has loved a girl since he first saved her.

I mean, cue the cliché high school story. Goofy kid has feelings for one of the prettiest and sweetest girls in school. Cue the bad boy the moves into town. Cue all of the girls to go gaga over him. Cue the adventures. Cue the romance. Cue the heartbreak. Cue the suspenseful ending. 

Chapter 28 really got me. I have to admit, I almost threw my computer across the room to think that would actually happen. Good job, Mr. Morrone. You truly got me on all levels that satisfied my needs. Slight sci-fi, romance, adventurous, and hell of a lot of twists and turns that made me never want to pay attention in class but rather on the book. 

I will rate this a 4.5 stars. I loved the book and do think that you should check it out. However, if you are not into the extreme sci-fi/cliché high school story then I don't think the book is for you. I enjoyed it throughly however. 

Cheers to the future publication of Perfect because that is truly what this book is. 

Go ahead and pre-order this book if you are not afraid of giving something new a try: Perfect - Vincent Morrone

Blog you later, awesome book nerds and this week Forever with You - Jennifer L. Armentrout and A Mad Zombie Party - Gena Showalter is being released on the 29th of September.

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