Friday, September 18, 2015

The Perfect Guy (Movie Review)

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! 

Read at your own risk.

Seriously. Spoilers.
Released Date: September 11, 2015
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Synopsis: With a fulfilling career and a loving relationship, lobbyist Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) seems to have it all. Things come crashing down when Dave, her long-term boyfriend, questions her future plans for marriage and a family. The resulting breakup leaves Leah heartbroken, until she meets the charming and handsome Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy). Soon, the budding romance turns dangerous as Carter reveals his volatile nature, forcing Leah to turn the tables on the man she thought was Mr. Right.

Okay, let's start off with the fact that Leah Vaughn was in a loving relationship. The beginning of the movie started off well. She was successful and when she goes into that coffee shop, things go downhill really fast especially after her relationship falls apart when she questions her boyfriend as to why he hasn't proposed because she wants to be young and a mother. But he does not want that. Obviously, let's break up because things didn't go your way and you weren't understanding.

You're at a bar, waiting for your friend and friend cancels out of the blue while drunk guy just wants to stick his no-no area into yours.  The guy from the coffee shop that gave you his drink because you guys ordered the same thing, saves your butt from the drunk guy by being very threatening.  Like, whatever man.

Then you ask him to dinner because you're twice in his debt. After a couple months of dating, he meets your parents. He tells you that he loves you. His personality switches, well, like a switch. The slightest things can switch it and a big one of them is getting back with your ex-boyfriend after breaking up with this guy.

This guy is supposedly intelligent and yet, he has no idea that you are prepared to go down fighting. Maybe he's met some resistance before from the ladies but maybe he hasn't. The only part that I thoroughly enjoyed was when the detective was questioning him on several scenes. It is the only part that I found realistic.

Oh yeah, the cat scene where he cat-naps her cat is just stupid. He looks like one of the those villains in superhero movies that always have the swiveling chair, fluffy white cat in their arms, and sits in front of the computer screens. All while petting cat. Like, what? What was the point of taking the cat? If you're going to do something evil or scary. Get rid of it. Don't take it and care for it.

I am a firm believer that there is NO SUCH THING as the perfect guy. He's going to have some part of himself that is going to drive you insane just as it did for Leah. Also, the 'I love you' part was just unrealistic to me because I think that it takes longer than a couple months to know if you love someone.

If I knew this going into the movie, I would not have wasted $8 on it to watch it. I was really looking forward to being thrilled in this movie, for my heart to start beating fast at scenes but nope. I didn't get any of that. I can never watch this movie again and it has no right to be in my movie library.

Obviously, I wasn't very happy with this movie but I will say that I rate this movie a 1.8 out of 5 stars.

Alright, I will blog you later, awesome nerds.

Happy Release Date for Dylan O'Brien and the Scorch Trials! I cannot wait to drink in your beautiful face.

The Maze Runner and Scorch Trials review will be out later this week.

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