Monday, September 14, 2015

Voice of Gods - Eleanor Herman (Blood of Gods and Royals #.5)

I am all for Greek Gods and the Greek Life. I have been obsessed with it since Aimeé Carter's Goddess Test series and yet none of them seem to amount to them until I ran into Jennifer L. Armentrout's Covenant series. Now, I am jumping into the Blood of Gods and Royals series by Eleanor Herman. 
Published Date: July 15, 2015
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Historical Fiction
Synopsis: As the end of an age approaches, gods whisper horrors, families scheme for power, and one woman may hold the secret to a lost legacy.

At 19, Ada of Caria yearns to take the Snake Blood throne from her mad older siblings—and seeks the help of a young orphaned girl named Helen, the first True Oracle to have walked the earth in more than three hundred years.

Helen may be able to channel the voice of the gods, but she hates her gift, and will do anything to get rid of it—even lie to her best friend, Myrtale, the priestess-princess of Epirus who is destined to marry King Philip II of Macedon even though she loves another. And in the shadows lurks a handsome green-eyed stranger who has more at stake—and more to lose—than anyone could possibly imagine.Amid jealousy and heartbreak, torrid affairs and secret rendezvous, it is spoken by the gods that either Helen or Myrtale —newly named Olympias— will carry the destiny of the known world within her womb.
The prequel to LEGACY OF KINGS, VOICE OF GODS traces the intricate web of love and betrayal that led up to the birth of history’s most powerful leader, Alexander the Great.

I liked the series prequel enough to rate this a good 3.8 stars out of 5 but I only took off 1.2 points due to the fact that it was a confusing plot line. 

I really do like Helen because she fights her urges and saddness that she will never be a mother nonetheless a virgin. She kisses men with passion but very reserved so at the end of the book, I was a bit appalled as to what happened to her.

Myrtle/some p-name (I think)/Olympias, you are one evil b%$&@! just because something just not go your way and when you hear of the prophecy, it gave you no right to give direct order considering that you are not his only wife. You only care about yourself and when your 'friend' decided to confide in you, you just would not shut up about your own love life. Yes, you have men falling at your feet. Yes, you are having a child. Yes, you are having an affair. I just do not like you right now. Understand that much.

Ada, okay. Princess. Snake-Blood. Hates her brother and sister's incest marriage.Her favorite brother killed in front of her. I like her but just because again something does not go your way, it gives you no right to be upset considering that certain someone just saved your arse from being burned to oblivion. 


Rant is over.

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