Friday, September 11, 2015

The Visit (Movie Review)

Released Date: September 11, 2015
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and younger brother Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) say goodbye to their mother as they board a train and head deep into Pennsylvania farm country to meet their maternal grandparents for the first time. Welcomed by Nana (Deanna Dunagan) and Pop Pop (Peter McRobbie), all seems well until the siblings start to notice increasingly strange behavior from the seemingly charming couple. Once the children discover a shocking secret, they begin to wonder if they'll ever make it home.

No spoiling the newest thriller that has hit theaters. Whenever I see my grandmother now, I am inching away slowly. Honestly, I thought this movie was just another Hansel & Gretel movie because of the whole oven scene shown in the commercials and allowing them to eat as much as they wanted but it just had less candy houses and more video camera action. Near the end, you could tell something good was still going to come out of it but this movie made me cringing or flinching at every turn.

I wish that I could tell you my favorite part within it but all I will say is that it includes cookies, nightfall, and Yahtzee, the board game. Oh and of course Nana.

I give much praise to the cast of The Visit for actually giving me the heebie jeebies as I was walking to my car late at night. I would have reviewed this movie right after I got home but I kind of just fell asleep... Things never seem to go the way that I want them too.

Anyways, I rate this movie a good 3.5 stars out of 5 and I am also glad about the fact that it was not crazy expensive but I don't think that I could watch this movie. it was not necessarily a monstrosity but there were moments in the movie that had you questioning it. I do love good jump scares though.

Alright, I will blog you later, awesome nerds and I hope to back with The Voice of Gods - Eleanor Herman and City Love - Susane Colasanti.

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