Monday, September 28, 2015

Through the Zombie Glass - Gena Showalter (The White Rabbit Chronicles #2)

Published Date: September 24, 2013
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal
Synopsis: Zombies stalk the night. Forget blood and brains. These monsters hunger for human souls. Sadly, they've got mine...
Alice Bell has lost so much. Family. Friends. A home. She thought she had nothing else to give. She was wrong.
After a new zombie attack, strange things begin to happen to her. Mirrors come to life, and the whispers of the dead assault her ears. But the worst? A terrible darkness blooms inside her, urging her to do very wicked things.
She's never needed her team of zombie slayers more, but ultra bad-boy Cole Holland, the leader and her boyfriend, suddenly withdraws from her...from everyone. Now, with her best friend Kat at her side, Ali must kill the zombies, uncover Cole's secret and learn to fight the darkness.
But the clock is ticking...and if she fails at a single task, they're all doomed.

Holy... First off... Just looking at this cover, I just start giggling. I loved the first cover because it was artistically done. This one. It looks like the Wayans brothers' dressing up and coming back for a White Chicks 2. Please do not try to argue that you cannot see them in this. Because I mean come on. It is right there.

Anyways, onto my review. You just keep falling in love with Alice's personality. She's snarky, smart, and downright strong. However, as she goes out for a nice night to the football game with her friends because she needed to get out of the house, the stench of rot hits her nose and she runs out of there to protect her friends. 

Unfortunately... There are hordes of zombies and you are amazed by the mass that has grown. Well, not that surprised. As her slayer friends and her are fighting them off, her old friend, Justin is bitten and it just goes downhill from there. She runs over to go and check on him and bam. She gets bitten as well by him. Not what you were expecting, right?

It sounds so awesome though considering that takes a bit from World War Z because you never know how long it takes for the infection to spread to your spirit and give you the endless hunger. But you're going to have to read this book to know what goes on next.

Onto my review. This book leads through many emotions and some of them were not to great. Alice, love her to death for her big heart no matter what she goes through, again goes through several more tragedies. All the more, heartbreaking.

I am going to go ahead and rate this a good 4 out of 5 stars and I am only deducting a star off for making me sob during this book. I absolutely hate death and considering I was in class when it happened, not a good choice, Showalter. 

This most definitely can be put on your TBR list because I mean, come on, it's Gena Showalter.

Alright, blog you later, awesome book nerds and I will be back tonight with The Queen of Zombie Hearts and tomorrow morning with A Mad Zombie Party [Just ranting about how excited I am for the book].

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