Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cloven - Georgeann Swiger (Trinity of Souls #2)

This book was given to me e-book by author in exchange for an honest review and test if it may be a stand-alone.
Published Date: October 21, 2014
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult
Synopsis: What would you do if the only things standing between you and the angel you love were another angel and the fiery pits of Hell? 

When Anya and Micah declare their love for each other, the battle for the souls of the star-crossed angels stretches across the heavens. With Heaven forbidding their love, Micah vows to protect Anya by sentencing himself to Hell. 

But Anya won’t let him go without a fight. She goes into Hell after him, only to discover an angel from Micah’s past is willing to do anything to keep Micah in Hell. 

With love and lies blinding Micah, Anya fights to get him to face his demons and return to Heaven, even if it means hearts will be broken. 

The battle for the angels begins where it left off. Between Heaven and Hell is forbidden love. 

Honestly, I don't think this book could be a stand-alone. I was so confused as to what Micah and Anya's relationship was until she got to him. Then, I was surprised... Because I was rooting for someone other than Micah.

Anya is a sweet angel that knows of no corruption. Somewhere between trying to rescue the love of her life and saving her own, she comes face-to-face with the devil. She dances with him. She tries to save him from his own evil but her words fall to no avail. So, she sings. 

As a Paschar, she heals people with the soothing singing voice that seems to numb the pain that anyone feels and puts them in a state of euphoria.

From what I have read from the second book, I am getting an uneasy feeling of familiarity. It's an exact mix of Supernatural and the Halo trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto. Find forbidden love, someone gets whisked away to the bad place, loved ones do everything in their power to save the one that was taken from them.

In this book, you'll meet another Dahlia so I don't want anyone confused with this Dahlia and The Flora series Dahlia. So we will stick with Evil and Good Dahlia. 

Quite honestly, I can see where Anya comes from about how Evil Dahlia is an evil, disgusting, incest pedophile. You get a better look as to why Simon did what he did in the first book and a deeper understanding as to why Micah hated him so much. 

After this book, I know that I want to put Sam, Micah, and Cole onto my book friends list. Anyways, I am going to rate this a good 4.6 stars out of 5 and it's only because I was disappointed with the ending... Once again but only because it ended. But we will see how I feel about Trivium once it is released.

Thank you to Georgeann Swiger with providing this book to me to review and I cannot wait to get my hands on Trivum.

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