Thursday, October 29, 2015

What's On My Shelf?

You know, being busy with school and everything really sucks because it takes me away from my precious reading time. I'll fit it whenever I can and since I am not able to provide a review, I just wanted to share what is on my TBR (To-Be Read List) so that I am making little posts here and there.

On November 10, 2015, an ARC review will be coming out for Cecilia Tan's Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume Eight. Mind you this, I haven't read #1-7 so I am a bit puzzled while trying to figure what the relationships of the characters are. Although I am only on like chapter 4, I like the twist of the fact that it's more focused on LGBTQ relationships rather than heterosexuals so it was a bit shocking but it gave me a breather. 

I'm going to stop sharing about that because you'll hear all about it on my assigned ARC date.

But check out the cover and synopsis here:
Release Date: November 10, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Synopsis: The year is 1990 and Daron Marks is trying to stay true to his heart. 

But life is tough when you're a talented musician whose life is controlled by gigantic mega-corporations. Daron is trying hard not to think about that, though, when he invites Ziggy to spend Christmas with Daron's chosen family: his mentor Remo and the guys from the band Nomad. Ziggy's career is taking off at rocket speed; meanwhile Daron spends a few months living in New York City working with one of the music industry's hottest producers and then takes a gig to hit the road with Nomad. Even with the industry pulling them in different directions, Daron and Ziggy's paths keep crossing. Can they rebuild a relationship without music tying them together? And what is that mysterious song Daron keeps hearing on the radio? 

Volume 8 cover chapters 585 through 636 of the online web serial. 

Now some of my personal favorite authors, Cassandra Clare and Jessica L. Brooks are on my shelf as well with Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess, City of Lost Souls, and Open Thy Heart.

I also have Rowena Tisdale's Awake in a Sweet Unrest but I haven't been able to start it even though I have been itching to start it as well as Nikki Jefford's Whiteout

I am also lucky to have so many book fans within my family that we can exchange and recommend books to each other. Such as one of my awesome cousins gave me The Indigo Spell and Beastly. I saw the movie for Beastly and needless to say that as much as Vanessa Hudgens is an awesome person, she just ruined the movie... Stick with music related ones please because your voice is amazing.

Mind you this, on my Kindle shelf... Let's just say that the amount of books that I 1-clicked is a bit out of hand... St-- Actually, don't stop with the free books. ;)

Let's just say, tomorrow, after some Halloween costume shopping, I am going to be going to get caffeinated and just read... After some homework of course but not if I finish everything tonight. Let's pull an all nighter!

Anyways, that's what's on my shelf for right now everyone. Like I said, school is literally kicking my ass and as much as I would rather quit school and just read and blog, I can't. I need at least some type of a degree.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds.

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