Sunday, June 5, 2016

ARC: Gagged - Aubrey Parker

Published Date: May 17, 2016
Genre: Erotic
Synopsis: “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do,” Caspian tells me. “I’ll just force you to do as you wish.” 
I’ve always been a good girl. Partly by choice, partly because of my mother’s shame and my father’s belt. 
Caspian White is strong. Handsome. Powerful. Frightening. The world knows his name, envies his wealth, suspects his kinks, and fears his wrath. 
I’ve kept myself pure, and that’s drawn Caspian to me like a predator to prey. 
I don’t want to do what he wants me to. I just want to conclude my business with Caspian and go. 
But Caspian seems to have been watching me for a while. I’m a target, and he knows me too well. 
I’m afraid he’ll force me to do things I’ll regret … and that if he does, my shameful half will enjoy it. 

From light to darkness, Aubrey Parker brings us another thrilling story from Inferno Falls and it is sexy, dark, and beautiful. When we first met Caspian, he was a coldhearted man with a dark past. Light shines through as Aurora squirms her way into his life. More like shouts but I loved every single moment that Aubrey brought with this book.

This is a spin off of Trevor's Harem but it doesn't steer away from the sexiness.

Everyone in this story has a gag in their life. Literally and figuratively. But as these characters break through their bondage, you will fall in love with their story. Be warned that there are situations that will make you feel uncomfortable but Aubrey can make you feel situated enough to continue the story. Though I didn't like the minor characters at all, Aurora and Caspian has my heart from the Inferno Falls.

Will you take the chance to get rid of your bonds by finding your light to your darkness?

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