Friday, June 24, 2016

Author Interview: Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Hi everyone! 

Kimber Leigh Wheaton has wonderfully given me the chance to interview her and since she is very well known for horror novels, I decided to interrogate her on that. I also got some more information about Bitter Envy, her new book. 

Check it out below: 

Where do you come up with the ideas for your books?
Everywhere and anywhere. I have very vivid dreams, so lots of ideas come from those. Some ideas come to me while driving. Another thing that helps when I’m looking for a certain plot twist is some music or a walk in nature.
What made you a big horror fan?
I’ve been a horror fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve always liked thrillers- not necessarily horror movies- like Jaws and Alien. My first adult read was Whispers by Dean Koontz. I also remember reading a chapter book about a haunted doll when I was 9 or so that ruined me for the rest of my life- no dolls in my house. Ever.
Is Bitter Envy along the same lines as The Orion Circle series?
They are similar in that both are urban fantasy. Bitter Envy is darker psychologically while The Orion Circle has a touch of mystery. Bitter Envy follows Envy Davis, an enchantress who was sold into servitude to a shifter crime lord. It is about her coming to terms with the immoral things she’s been forced to do and finding herself in the chaos.
What is your favorite horror movie and why?
The Silence of the Lambs was one of my favorite horror movies. Hannibal Lecter was completely chilling as was the crazy serial killer Clarice was hunting. There are scenes in that movie that I will never be able to forget.

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