Friday, June 17, 2016

Brawler's Baby - Holly Hart

Published Date: May 25, 2016
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: I broke his heart. Then he came to rescue me.
I'm going to make her scream my name, and tease her until she begs me to fill her up, inch by filthy inch. Mikhail Antonov stole his daughter from me once, but fate's given me a second chance and this time he doesn't get a say. 
Her dad's a fucking bully. The rest of this crooked town might be terrified of him, but not me. Not now I've found Maya. Mikhail doesn't know it yet, but if he lays a hand on my woman, he's dead. I'm going to make her mine again, and he's not going to stop me – even if he does run the Russian mob.
If he stands in my way, I'll burn his town to the ground.
Conor Regan saved me twice before he even said hello. He made me happy for the first time I could remember. But then my mobster dad took it all away. When I saw Conor fighting in that cage four years later, it was everything I’d always wanted…and everything I’d ever feared.
Now we're balanced on a knife edge, with danger lurking on either side. Conor's like a drug to me, but every time I let him inside me, I'm risking everything I hold dear. I want him more than life itself, but I've got a secret that might ruin everything…
He's a dad.

No words to explain this book. I wouldn't necessarily call it an awful book but it was truly bad. I finished because of my tendency to torture myself to finish bad books. 
Whether to rate this a 2 or a 3 was a constant battle with myself. I felt that this book delivered on all levels for an alpha male. So I downgraded to a 2.9. 

Conor is someone you will have to meet if and when you decide to read this book. Sadly, I didn't like the main girl, Maya.. She honestly sickened me because she left this man to raise the child on her own. Whether it was her choice or not, I sure as hell would have fought back if it wasn't my choice to get back to him if they were in love as described. Conor is a drug, rather hilarious as he continues on throughout the book. 

However, I couldn't rate this any higher because it included many stereotypes. I raised my arms up to the skies, asking why. Why does it do that. Add onto the fact about Maya. 

She says that he saved her life but she is too defenseless to say things for herself. Then again, I don't blame her especially with the family she grew up in. I also didn't like the ending. It was rather rushed and annoying but I am no writer. Conor is what kept this average up for my stars. 

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

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