Sunday, August 28, 2016

ARC: Refrain - Kennedy Ryan (Soul #3)

Release Date: August 15, 2016
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: People dream of a love that runs deep. So deep it feels like it's always been with you, just waiting for the person who'll own your heart and soul forever. So few ever find it, but for Rhyson Gray and Kai Pearson, happily ever after was only the beginning...

One of the biggest rock stars in the world and one of the brightest rising stars make a life together. Sometimes it's glamour-filled days and blissed out nights, but it's mostly staying true in the too-bright glare of the spotlight. It's long stretches where the road is lonely and the work is hard. It's living in a love that's the safest place you know even while danger lurks at your door.

Book 3 of The Soul series is an emotionally-charged epic conclusion that had to be told and should not be missed for fans of this series and this couple!

It took me a while to find the words to describe the unintended sequel to the Soul series. Which is why the review is coming out late.

Rhys and Kai have been my favorite book couple since I discovered them through a random conversation with Kennedy Ryan, a giving and beautiful person on the inside and out. You can't not fall in love with them because of Kai's stubbornness and the love she feels for everyone. She has this quality about her where even if you wrong her, she will still feel compassion for you.

On top of that, Kennedy Ryan gives us the thrill of mystery of "who done it?" throughout. You're figuring that out on top of falling harder for Rhys and Kai. You will want their relationship. You will want them so bad that it is impossible to turn away from the book.

This is a one sit read. Don't budge, don't move, don't speak. Just feel what Kennedy Ryan is feeling.

She drives your mind and soul insane as you continue to unravel this story.

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