Monday, August 1, 2016

UPDATE: On My Life (Oh so interesting... NOT.) Pt. 5

I haven't done one of these in a while so let me update you because I have been stressing out for my two jobs, school, and family. 

The usual. What's new? 

My readers on my blog have been so gracious towards me and so sweet which is why I always like to treat them with something on Facebook. I am about 30 likes away from my second huge goal: 500. FIVE FREAKING HUNDRED PEOPLE have found me. 

Are you robots or something? Should I be worried? 

No... At least I don't think I should be and maybe I am just psyching myself out. 

I love this blog, you readers because you give me something to come home to everyday and just vent and chat about books. 

Most recently, I have been reading under developed characters, slow plots, and ridiculously overplayed scenarios which mainly consists of doing the dirty deed. It's hot, don't get me wrong but if I have to read one more sentence with the words 'thrust' or 'moan' in it, I may just go crazy.

Maybe I have mood swings on books and being overly critical. I just cannot deal with this anymore. 

Sigh. I need something to spruce up my reading life but doesn't make it veer away to far from what I usually like. My comfort zone is exactly what that is. MINE. 

Away from reading, I am starting my junior year in college. Woot, woot! Only two more years in hell. Maybe a few more if I goto graduate school but let's see how we are feeling after these next two years. 

Now what has happened that I can share with you without it being to awkward: 

1. I met the cutest and smartest boy ever in GA and not going to lie, I regret myself for being to chicken. 
2. It's hard to find intelligent human beings to be around. Like you make me want to be more with animals and with the wolves than people sometimes. Like what's up with that? 
3. I have a car accident. No injuries, minor scratches to my car: Can't say that about the car that hit me. 
4. I have learned that people, no matter how long you have known them can still surprise you. 
5. I want to travel abroad to London. Anyone meet me there so I don't feel alone? 

Anyways, that said, since I am starting soon: It may or may not swindle on my posts... (insert sad face). 

But that's about it. 

You guys are awesome readers. 

Blog you later. 

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