Saturday, September 3, 2016

Project: Killer - J.L. Beck (Project #1)

Published Date: May 16, 2016
Genre: Dark Romance
Synopsis: In her eyes, he would always be the same…

Twenty-four-year-old Maggie Jacobs had lived a life of heartache and pain. After losing the one and only man she ever loved to incurable cancer, she went on to take a job working for PGI Corporation in hopes she could find a cure in honor of him one day. Little did she know her very working there could be the difference between life and death.

Killer was just that—a killer. He lived for the moments when he could break bones and bring other’s nightmares to life. After all, isn't that what they wanted from him? Genetically altered by the government, stripped of all his own memories, Killer heads down a dark and dangerous road. Memories evade his mind, but nothing sticks out quite like the girl in his dreams. With her dark brown hair and eyes, she’s a danger to his heart, but a victim to his rage. He knows she has the answers to his past. If he gets his hands on her, she will never be seen again.

Secrets, lies, and the sweetest of betrayals encompass them. Can Killer find his way through the rage and back to Maggie or is it too late? Can someone who is hell bent on being broken truly be saved?

This book will be the death of me.

Not because I hated it but because of how much I enjoyed it. Now this is a book that I would purchase because Project: Killer was so well-put together by the lovely J.L. Beck and her amazing writing. She can write erotica but she wove in this dark intricacy throughout this book that you kind of had to fall in love with him. 

Killer, the ultimate... Well, killer has the heart of steel and he is cold as ice. He is void of human emotion and all around one of the scariest characters to be around. But he is someone that I want. Emotionally and physically. 

I loved Maggie because she brings to life the definition and embodies true love. 

It was unwavering ever since their childhood and glimpses into that made me just love this book even more. So it was a good 4.6 out of stars. 

Blog you later, awesome book nerds.

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