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ARC: Daron's Guitar Chronicles - Cecilia Tan (DGC #8)

ARC was given to me by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Published Date: November 10, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Synopsis: The year is 1990 and Daron Marks is trying to stay true to his heart. 

But life is tough when you're a talented musician whose life is controlled by gigantic mega-corporations. Daron is trying hard not to think about that, though, when he invites Ziggy to spend Christmas with Daron's chosen family: his mentor Remo and the guys from the band Nomad. Ziggy's career is taking off at rocket speed; meanwhile Daron spends a few months living in New York City working with one of the music industry's hottest producers and then takes a gig to hit the road with Nomad. Even with the industry pulling them in different directions, Daron and Ziggy's paths keep crossing. Can they rebuild a relationship without music tying them together? And what is that mysterious song Daron keeps hearing on the radio?

Volume 8 cover chapters 585 through 636 of the online web serial. 

Honestly, when I first started this book, I was confused. I mean, I was reading the fucking eighth book in the series when I've never read #1-7. You know, that is really sucky. I hate when I do that to myself because it makes me think more than I want to when i just want enjoy a new author. 

So this is what I figured out. I figured that Daron is one sarcastically talented guy and to admit with all of my heart, I did fall in love with him as person. He's snarky. He's sweet. He's smart. All he ever wants is to be with Ziggy but unfortunately, the record label and someone very close to him just won't allow it. They think they create a negative influence on each other when they are together.

This book was not overly graphic and for that, I can be grateful for that. Even the slight mention of sex makes my face tomato red and I just don't need that in public. Anyways, I am going to give this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars because if you're reading this as a stand-alone, you'll be able to catch along pretty fast but you'll question everything. 

It was definitely something new and different for me because although M/M relationships are usually tabooed, absent, or minor, this book brings it up to a new level of knowledge. It makes it more pronounced than M/F relationships yet they are not absent just minor. In this book series, I'm guessing, you'll see more minor sexual identities to become more pronounced. 

In this book, you follow Daron Marks and his inner thoughts. It's almost like invading his personal thoughts and I thought that was slightly awkward but I just ate it right up. You can see how he questions himself with his self-doubts and angst. You follow him as to how he felt about people and honestly, Cecilia's words through Daron's mind and mouth made my heart melt because it shows that people do think like this on a daily basis because they overthink things and it shows that I am not the only one that freaks out over this internally until I can find some kind of outlet.

Would I go back and read the first seven...? Absolutely. Plus it would just drive me insane that I didn't read them now. I think that I want to go back to the 80s and meet these characters. Can I just leave reality now? Thanks. 

Here is a little more information that you may want to know about the author, book i.e. places that you can get the book, and a fun little excerpt to get you excited!

Cecilia Tan 
Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume 8 
November 10, 2015 
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Coming out and coming of age in the days of AIDS, MTV, Reaganomics, and Just Say No.  Winner of the Rose and Bay Award for Crowdfunded Fiction! 
Daron Marks is a young guitar player with a dream, make it big like the guys he grew up idolizing in New Jersey--or at least escape his dysfunctional family. He makes it as far as music school in Rhode Island, and the rock clubs of Boston beckon him. But it's hard to succeed from the closet.  A story of how finding one's self is key to finding love, and loving one's self is key to loving another. 
In this excerpt, Daron's in a hotel in New York City. It's Christmas time, and Daron knows Ziggy's in New York, too. They had a brief encounter the night before and Ziggy slipped his pager number into Daron's pocket. It's almost six in the morning and Daron's been awake all night when he gives in and pages Ziggy:

The phone rang gratifyingly quickly. "Hey. I guess you're not sleeping either."
"I'm on West Coast time," Ziggy said. "Where it's only three in the morning."
"Uh huh," I said, unconvinced.
We sat there in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. I was the one who had paged him, so was it on me to say something? But he was the one who put the "call me" message into my pocket, so....
"Maybe we should get together to talk," I finally said.
"Can you get away from your family?" he asked.
"For a couple of hours, no one'll miss me," I said. "But I wanted to ask what you're doing for the holiday tonight. Tomorrow. No pressure, but you could join us here."
"Daron, how should I put this..." He breathed, and I imagined him sighing with his eyes closed. "Your group there is kind of overwhelming. I'm not good with crowds."
"I never thought I'd hear you say that."
"You know what I mean."
"Actually, I don't. Explain it? I'm listening." I lay back to listen.
"I mean, I'm fine with crowds if I'm the center of attention. But I don't want to be—and shouldn't be—the center of attention at your chosen family's gathering."
"Why shouldn't you be? You outshine everyone in any room you walk into." This room felt like it was spinning slightly. I had definitely drunk more than usual.
"Like there's a spotlight on me?"
"Like you're a star that fell out of heaven. Ziggy, you're the most gorgeous human being I've ever laid eyes on, and that's as true today as it was that day in the park."
"You're drunk."
"I'm telling the truth."
"Because you're drunk."
"Because I've been to therapy. And I've realized there are a lot of things I could have been saying that I haven't been." I thought about what Bart had said, that maybe me being forthright and truthful about my feelings was actually scary to Ziggy. If so, I was probably freaking him out completely right now. "Am I freaking you out? I'm not trying to. I just... have this thing about the truth."
"Uh huh," he said cautiously. "And if the truth is... it's too late?"
"Then tell me to go fuck myself: break my heart and send me on my fucking way."
"Whoa. Whoa." There was a kind of long silence while I guess he tried to figure out what to say to that. Or got himself together. I don't know which. "I didn't mean it like that."
"It's worth asking, isn't it? Is it too late, Zig?" It felt crazy-good that I could send him spinning by speaking so baldly. Of course, the only reason it didn't hurt like fuck to say was because alcohol had numbed me so much at that point. "Did I wait too long to tell you I loved you? Is it just fucking tragic when I say it?"
"Okay, you know what? I want to make a rule. No saying 'I love you' over the phone."
"You don't want me to tell you I love you?"
"On the phone. Seriously. I'm coming over there and then you can say it to my face."
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About the Author 
Cecilia Tan is "simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature," according to Susie Bright. RT Magazine awarded her Career Achievement in Erotic Romance in 2015 and their prestigious Pioneer Award. Tan's BDSM romance novel Slow Surrender (Hachette/Forever, 2013) also won the RT Reviewers Choice Award in Erotic Romance and the Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA. She lives in the Boston area with her lifelong partner corwin and three cats. 

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