Thursday, November 26, 2015

ARC: The Second Chance - Aubrey Parker (Inferno Fall #3)

ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review
Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy late book birthday to the amazing Aubrey Parker. I was a bit indecisive about The Boss's Daughter, fell in love with The Forbidden Muse, and now here is The Second Chance.

You get a glimpse of Maya and her daughter in The Forbidden Muse because Maya and Abigail have become friends for the short time she was there. I love when books are stand-alones but I also love the fact that each of these characters also play in each other's lives.
Published Date: November 24, 2015
Genre: Young Adult/ Contemporary Romance
Synopsis: He left her alone. Now he’s back … but too much has changed. Maya grew up with a big heart and even bigger dreams. She never thought she’d end up a single mother spending her whole life where she grew up—the small town of Inferno Falls. But things didn’t work out the way she thought. Grady, her high school love, moved away and left her alone to raise her daughter before the ink dried on their diplomas. Eight years later, Maya’s struggling to make ends meet. And when life gets too tough, she heals the void inside in the only way she knows … whether it’s right or wrong.

But then Grady returns. He’s finally grown homesick after nearly a decade of wandering America, seeing sights and having adventures like Maya always dreamed of—but could never reach for. And Maya holds out hope—more than hope, a need—that Grady is coming home for her, too. It could be just like old times, if she can keep a grip on her bad habits for long enough. Maybe she can finally have the man she’s always wanted, and Mackenzie can have the father she’s always needed.

Many of us get second chances, but never more than three strikes.

Maya makes the dangerous mistake of assuming everything is just the way it was before, despite the years that have passed. When Grady only wants to make sure they’re not moving too quickly, Maya sees rejection and disaster looms. Rather than preserving a perfect memory, it seems the years have changed them both too much, perhaps, to heal the past. But to earn the love and happiness she’s hunted for so long, Maya won’t merely need to learn to accept Grady … and will have to learn to accept herself, first.

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This is a STANDALONE book set in Aubrey Parker’s world of Inferno Falls. You’ll probably enjoy reading the Inferno Falls books in order, but you don’t need to.

I think that I am in love. Grady is now on my book boyfriends list. He's sweet and caring but he just wasn't ready for a child. Neither of them were. Having a kid is a choice no matter what age you are. It doesn't force you to grow up early. That's a choice too.

Maya, being lonely, comes to having doubts about life. Not about her daughter. Hell, her daughter is her life. She had to grow up for her daughter. Support herself and her Mackenzie. No one is perfect and yet Maya seems to have that need to be. You can tell that she is very lonely when it comes in the romantic feels because she felt like she couldn't do that with her daughter around. Even feels guilty if she even looks at another man. 

God! Ed and Roxanne make me want to reach into the book and or books and slap them silly. I mean, I've heard horror stories about boss's but luckily, I haven't had to experience that with either of my jobs. 

Grady, Grady, Grady... He's feeling homesick alright. He's lost so much. But now, he's come to the realization that Maya and Mackenzie are his home. 

This book is nitty gritty and it faces some of the biggest problems that couples face... God. I loved every single one of these characters and maybe it is because of the fact that this hits deep in the feels for me. I have known and still know people who face this and their kids are the light of their lives. Some people lucky to have their significant other and others not so much. But that is what this book is all about. Support.

Overcoming hate, guilt, and desperation, they have finally found their way back to each other. One of my favorite sayings of all time is that you can forgive but you can't forget. 

I can't say enough praise for this book and in all honesty, this book is much better than the other two. I cannot wait to see what other books of the amazing Aubrey Parker has for us for the Infernal Falls series. 

We've met Riley and Brandon, we liked Gavin and Abigail, but we fell in love with Maya and Grady. God, the best in the series so far and I hope she continues their story. 

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. I hope that you one click the shit out of this book. 

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