Friday, November 27, 2015

Bash, Volume II - Candace Blevins (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #4)

Copy received from author and ROCKSTAR PR in exchange for honest review
Published Date: October 16, 2015
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy
Synopsis: Their lives just got complicated, but neither of them are the type to travel the easy road. 

Book two of the Bash trilogy…

Will Bud want to tear Bash to pieces? How is Dawg going to fit into all of this? Will the Disciples retaliate? And now that the District Attorney is in Angelica’s life, can she get him out?

Bash may have claimed her in both wolf and human form, but Angelica isn't likely to just roll over and show him her belly every time he gives her an order. One night of incredible sex doesn’t mean the relationship will be smooth sailing. They both want it to work, though, and they’re both used to getting what they want. 

Warning: A touch more BDSM, tons of raw kink, blazing hot sex, danger, intrigue, and there might even be a sexy ménage.

This is volume two of a three book story. Beware of the cliffhanger at the end, but book three will release a mere two weeks after book two.

Fair warning and heed it wisely because of the fact that I am becoming obsessed with this series. I just cannot put it down no matter how awkward it is reading it in public. I mean this is some fucked up shit. I am not going to lie. Although they are bad ass bikers, they treat their women so sweetly. Other than the dirty talking of course. 

Ménage sex needless to say is hot as hell in this book and well if you aren't prepared... Don't read it because I immediately had to shut my kindle off after I saw what they were doing. 

Bash isn't a complete heartless bastard as people are painting him out to be. He seemed like a complete asshole but he's really just a super alpha and he just wants to dominate in both human and wolf form of Angelica. His Princess. His Tink. His Girly. His Angel. No one else can touch her except of course, his best friend. I mean who else are they going to get it on with?

Wouldn't that feel awkward, needless to say? I mean... Come on. Sharing your girl with your best friend and only in bed and if the other cannot comfort them? I would feel awkward. It's almost an open relationship but even weirder in my eyes.

Let's be honest. It's awkward. It's fun. It's sexy and damn does it tug at your heart strings. I am becoming slightly obsessed with Bash and Angelica's relationship because I want it. Well, want it minus to menage because he is mine, mine, and all mine. 

I am going to rate this book a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. I liked the first book a lot better than this one but we will see where the third book takes us.

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