Thursday, November 5, 2015

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Movie Review)

Released Date: June 1, 1981
Genre: Action/Adventure
Renowned archeologist and expert in the occult, Dr. Indiana Jones, is hired by the U.S. Government to find the Ark of the Covenant, which is believed to still hold the ten commandments. Unfortunately, agents of Hitler are also after the Ark. Indy, and his ex-flame Marion, escape from various close scrapes in a quest that takes them from Nepal to Cairo.

I figured out the ability to time travel because I went back into time and saw this movie when it first came out... ;) Just kidding. Thankfully, more and more theaters are realizing that current movies make you want to gag of the awfulness and although that I almost fell asleep in this movie, it was only because of my lack of energy, sleep deprivation, and of course, school. Although, I am moving ahead in my work so that I can spend more time with you guys. 

Honestly, this movie was either really hilarious or I was slap happy and everything was just hilarious. Thankfully, my friends understand that I am just not type to handle no sleep. I cannot pull an all-nighter because I will bite someone's head off and usually the wrong person, too. 

Now personally, I think Indiana Jones is a very attractive actor and he knows how to make me laugh with the stupidest things. You can consider this movie very stupid but if you don't like these movies, get out. Get out now. Just kidding. I love you, my beautiful readers. 

The theme music is absolutely hilarious and I wish I could sing or hum so that I could walk around campus just belting it out. But that doesn't stop me from inside my house. 

At first, I thought that I would enjoy having Marian as the heroine but she is honestly male-dependent. At first, she seems very strong and doesn't need a man to save her nor does she listen to them but as soon as Jones comes into the picture, she melts at the knees. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would have too. 

Here comes to the rating... Drumroll please.

3.8 out of 5 stars!

Old movies are usually not my thing so understand that this is a pretty big deal for me. I am actually surprised that I enjoyed it but I am so glad that my closest movie theatre held this in theaters. 

Alright, I will blog you later, awesome nerds!

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