Monday, August 10, 2015

Mafia Girl - Deborah Blumenthal

Published Date: March 1, 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Synopsis: What's in a name? Everything if you have my name." At her exclusive Manhattan high school, seventeen-year-old Gia is the most hated/loved girl in school. Why? Her father doesn't have a boss. He is the boss--the capo di tutti cappi, boss of all bosses. Not that Gia cares. But life gets complicated when she meets a cop she calls "Officer Hottie" and feels a suprising chemistry. Then Vogue magazine wants to feature Gia in a fashion spread about real-life bad girls. On top of this, she's running for class president. Can Gia step out from under her dad's shadow and show everyone there's more to her than "Mafia Girl?

So I am reading, well read this book with a friend of mine as we were giggling in the library.

My thoughts are is that although, this book has its funny moments but I don't know if I liked it or disliked it so we will go with indifferent. 
Gia has a funny life. Everyone is either swooning after her or turning their backs of fear.
Michael, Officer Mchottie is a correct term for whom I am picturing. 
Don daughter meets hot cop = Disastrous Love

This book was another version of Mean Girls. Nobody wants to be friends with a girl that can snap her fingers and have her daddy's men come after them within a quick second. Although she acts like she is a tough girl, there is a side to her that is completely innocent.

Funny thing is, when I imagined her, I immediately thought of a girl in tight clothing and oozing sex appeal but when she meets Officer McHottie, her knees buckles and she is wrapped around his fingers. 

I am going to rate this book a solid 3 out of 5. Funny and interesting book to read to get insight into a Don's daughter's life with her family but it is not a book that I would read again.

Read this book and let me know how you feel about it! Soon to come is City of Glass - Cassandra Clare, Vacation (Movie), and Mister Monday - Garth Nix.

Blog you later awesome book nerds!

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