Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vacation (Movie Review)

Every single time that I went to the movies, I anticipated the commercial where Ed Helms and Christina Applegate are introducing or trying to get some fandom to the movie and they are trying to figure out what AMC stands for.

EH: American Movie Cat because there is one in every theatre...
CA: Wow... You just actually made me dumber... (Talks some more)
EH: (Covers his mouth not so subtly and meows) See there it was.

This movie was one of the most gross, ridiculous, and raunchy -- but I laughed the whole way through and sometimes gagged just because there were some gross parts.

Release Date: July 29, 2015
Genre: Comedy

Remembering fond, childhood memories of his trip to Walley World, Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) surprises his wife (Christina Applegate) and two sons with a cross-country excursion to America's favorite fun park. Following in his father's (Chevy Chase) footsteps, Rusty and the gang pack up the car and hit the road for some much-needed family bonding. Soon, the promise of fun turns into one misadventure after another for the next generation of Griswolds and anyone who encounters them.

Everyone needs to watch this movie with at least their best friend because no one understands the humor nowadays except the two of young the other people in the theatre.

One of the best things to do is just lounging around in a theatre with them because you do the stupidest stuff ever while watching other people do stupid stuff in the movie.

I would rate this movie a 3.2 stars out of 5 but I can't complain about money being wasted. It was definitely a fun movie just not my kind of fun.

Do watch it though and tell me your thoughts, movie buffs.

"We're the Griswolds... You piece of ass!" 

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