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Blog Tour: Chasing Azrael - Hazel Butler (Deathly Insanity #1)

Published Date: April 23, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Synopsis: When Andee Tilbrook’s husband died, her preoccupation with death turned to obsession. Thanks to her unique ability to commune with the dead, her husband remains all too close, yet never close enough.
Mired in grief, she clings to James’s spirit, slowly losing touch with the world, her friends, and any desire to continue living. But when her friend Josh becomes the target of Natalya, a jealous, capricious and violent Russian beauty, Andee somehow finds the strength to free herself from her misery long enough to help him.
They soon discover that Natalya is wanted by the police for her involvement in a series of grisly murders, and Andee is dragged into the inquiry by the same man who investigated her own husband’s death. Torn between new feelings for Josh, and fear that he might be involved in the murders that seem to threaten anyone who comes close, Andee must face the realities of her life, her past, and her very nature-and do it all in time to save her own life.

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About Hazel:

 Hazel is an author, artist and archaeologist from Cheshire, England. She is currently in the final year of her PhD, which focuses on Gender Dynamics in Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Britain. She has two archaeological papers published in international journals, as well as several research papers published through Bangor University and the University of Vienna.

Hazel has also published Out of the Dark (an edited volume of Gothic art work, showcasing over thirty artists from around the world), All the Night-Tide (a collection of Gothic/Steampunk fusion short stories based on the poems of Edgar Allan Poe), and ‘Grave’, a short story included in Willow, Weep No More, a fairy tale anthology giving female characters more agency in their roles. Her new novella, Bleizgeist, is a Dark Fantasy tale about a young woman’s isolation and social ostracism due to her unique magical abilities, and her struggle to accept her true nature.

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A huge thank you to XPRESSO tours for putting together this amazing tour and bringing me one of the most unique books my eyes have feasted upon. Keep reading for a review and a giveaway. ;)

Andee is definitely one of the most unique characters that I have ever met. She's dark and she makes my heart ultimately break. Andee is someone who is socially ostracized for her unique abilities. 
I'm not going to lie, this is a very long book but the fact that I got halfway through it just after the first day is definitely an accomplishment for myself.
I kind of fell in love with Andee. Want to know why? She's weird and she isn't afraid to show it. She's damaged. She's smart. She's brave.
There are times that I wish that I could just insert myself in the story because the scary part about it is that this book is a sick mix of Edgar Allen Poe and some crazy mix of fantasy. I just can't get enough of this book. 
Now personally, this whole book was a whole lot of crazy shite that I cannot even wrap my head around. 
It's centered on European myths and it truly was a terrifying and different take on the books that I usually read. It still had its creepy love story in the background but I can't deny that this was an interesting book. With a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, I can say that if you love creepy books and urban myths and folklore, this is definitely a book for you.

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  1. Great review, Amy! This sounds unique and I like the sounds of Andee already! Glad you liked it! :)

  2. Brilliant review, thanks so much Amy, I really appreciate you getting involved. If you have time could you possibly post this to Amazon for me? IF not don't worry about it, I just thought I'd ask.

    Let me know if you want an ARC of book 2 and I'll be sure to get one to you! Hazel x

    1. Hi Hazel! Please look at my review policies page at the top and find my email there and we can discuss the second book! :)