Friday, February 19, 2016

Shadowhunters: "Of Men and Angels" (Ep. 6)

Release Date: February 16, 2016
Genre: Young Adult

"She took her oath as a Shadowhunter seriously." Well first off, I would hope so. Jocelyn got mixed up with the wrong man but for the right reasons. 

This entire episode was practically the whole backstory on Jocelyn, Luke, and Valentine. It wasn't as thrilling as the previous episodes but I liked the idea of getting to know the characters a little better.

What made it a little better was the fact that we had more of the story of Alec and Magnus. Swoooooon. 
"You've unlocked something in me." (Magnus Bane). 
They are probably the cutest couple in the story other than Jocelyn and Luke.

As Clary and Luke come together once again in the dire circumstances, you automatically have to give Clary some credit for trying to survive. But against the wrong people.
Clues were given but memories were forgotten.
Curiosity killed the cat. What are you going to do? It killed something inside of Clary as the truth comes to light. 

The truth comes to light in this episode and it was an episode that you couldn't miss. 

We meet the rest of the Lightwoods family such as little Max Lightwood. The cutest of them all. But something in this episode changes Isabelle. But is it for the better? 

Rating is a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Recap: With Luke in dire need of help, Jace, Clary and Simon take him to Magnus’ lair in hopes of saving his life. Once there, the story of how Valentine came to be evil, and Jocelyn and Luke’s past is revealed to Clary in hopes of triggering her memory of what happened to The Mortal Cup.
Meanwhile, Isabelle and Alec are tasked to restore their family name in the eyes of The Clave.

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