Thursday, March 10, 2016

Guest Post: Justice for Corrie - Susan Stoker (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #3)

Today is more or less a small post and I just wanted to share how amazing this response was when I asked Susan about this. 

Susan Stoker brought me Justice for Corrie and now added on more books onto my TBR list but I got the chance to talk with her and I asked if she knew how her stories developed and if she knew them right away.

Here is what I got. :)

STOKER: I get asked a lot if I know what’s going to happen in my books before I start them. The answer is “sort of.”. I have the basic idea of how the couple meets and then what the “drama” is going to be about three fourths of the way through the book, but otherwise I just let it flow as I write.
I also write way ahead of schedule…so by the time the book comes out, it’s been written and waiting for several months. This allows me to re-read it when it gets time to publish, and make it better. I can add in things that have come up with preceding books, and add in some “easter eggs” for the readers. (i.e. things to link the current book to past books, or even future ones).
It’s a process that works for me, but certainly doesn’t for all authors. I always tell people when they ask “how to write,” that they will have to come up with what works for them. You can’t do what others do, you can only do what is best for your creativity. And that is true for anything. 

Now personally I think that is not only inspirational but it is really deep and makes you want to strive and bring joy to people like she does. 

Blog you later, awesome book nerds and thank you Susan Stoker and Rock Star PR. 

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