Friday, March 4, 2016

Shadowhunters: "Bad Blood" (Ep. 6)

Release Date: March 1, 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Have you guys checked out Clary, Izzy, Magnus, and Luke killing it with Taylor Swift's Bad Blood? If not, watch it under Harry Shum Jr. Facebook page! 

Of course, a happy late birthday to Izzy because she's the object of beautiful and action fierce. Can we ask for more? 

Cause baby, we got bad blood, you know it used to be mad love! Belt it with me! Okay, yes, I like to be stupid every now and then. ;) But I love me some Swifty. 

Anyways, this episode made me want to punch Jace in the face. As hot as an alpha male is, seeing it on the screen made me just gag and maybe give him a hug around his neck with my hands but hey, some people are into seeing it on the screen.

New character is introduced and a new connection? Weird, I have never knew this in the book so maybe I need to reread the books. Yet again. 

Oh my gosh, I have to say little Max is the cutest thing in the world! I can't handle how tiny he is compared to Alec and Izzy. But I also didn't picture him that tiny. Isn't he supposed to be 7 or 8? Or at least in that age range because he looks like he's 5 or 6. I get that they are going for the Lolita effect. But, the book... It's there for a reason.

Is Cassandra Clare even helping with the show? Do they know they are botching the show up slightly? Well, I guess botch would be a bit harsh because they do get some things right and they gave me Simon. He's hot. I say that every review of the show. Even better in this episode but you'll just have to watch it and find out why. 

Clary shows the book Clary as she is getting consumed by Jace. I cannot wait for reality to kick in... Well I guess, in some way, it did in this episode. I think I sniffled... Or straight up balled my eyes out because it was something that took my breath away.

"He never would have known about the Shadowworld if it wasn't for me."

That part actually broke my heart... But, I still have to rate this episode a 3.3 out of 5 stars. But hey, there's always next week to try to make the Shadowhunters better.

Blog you later, awesome nerds.

Recap: With word of Alec, Jace and Isabelle’s “extracurricular activities” with Clary reaching The Clave, a convoy is sent to observe the Lightwoods running the New York Institute. Once The Clave representative arrives, it is very clear how much trouble the Lightwoods are in.
Meanwhile, Clary is faced with a devastating decision.

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