Saturday, March 5, 2016

Princess - Ariel Marie (Dark Shadows #1)

Published Date: November 14, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Synopsis: For centuries, a vicious war has raged on between the Necromancers and Vampires. Two powerful races who refused to surrender in defeat. A half a century ago, the Necromancers disappeared from the face of the Earth…. until now.

Nadira Olaru, the youngest offspring of the Vampire King has become the target of the re-emerging Necromancers. The King of the Necromancers has offered a peace treaty, an offer he refuses to take no for an answer. His one demand— Nadira to mate with his son. The Dark Shadows, Vampire warriors run by her eldest brother, have been charged with protecting the Vampirian Princess at all cost. 

Zac Cooper, human police detective, never believed in the supernatural world, that is, until he witnessed a dead body walk right out of the morgue. Fate brings Zac and Nadira together. Twice. Nadira knows that Zac is her Fated Mate, but now he is caught in the middle of the war between the Vampires and Necromancers.
Nadira is torn, should she be selfish and mate with the love of her life for all eternity? Or should she sacrifice their love forever, and let him go, in order to save him?

Another vampire book? Yes please. 

I am not a big paranormal person. Yeah, I like my supernatural characters here and there but I can't seem to get enough of vampires. Maybe it is the underlying factor of how arousing biting is. LOL! Yes, I just used that word but from my English class and reading Dracula, I remember that the piercing of fangs into skin is just an innuendo of sex. 

Yes, I just giggled there because I used education with my love for books. Heck yeah! Education power!

But Princess was amazing. I have no regrets of reading this book because of the fact that there was a tantalizing romance and you are going to fall in with Nadira and put Zac Cooper onto your book boyfriends list. 

That brings me to my next point, have you seen the shirt that is HABB (Husbands Against Book Boyfriends), yeahhhhhhh, try to take a stand against book lovers and their book boyfriends. ;) 

In all honesty, I thought that this book was going to drive me to fall in love with the supernatural even further and there is an idea within the book that is probably very provoking. I could not get enough of this book and when the next book is in my hands, I am definitely going to devour it. 

The antagonist in the book is creepy and I loved it! Plus, her brothers definitely make me swoon with their alpha male egos. 

So with Zac Cooper onto my book boyfriends list and in love with the concept behind this book, I have to give it a rough 4 out of 5 books. If you love the supernatural romance, this is a book for you.

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

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