Saturday, January 23, 2016

BOMB: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike - J.A. Huss (Rook & Ronin Spinoff)

Published Date: February 15, 2015
Genre: Erotica
Synopsis: Spencer Shrike is a plotter. Known for his ingenious, albeit illegal, plans that keeps the Team running efficiently and out of jail, he carries this same love of order into his personal life. He’s kept his long-time main squeeze on the sidelines for years as he builds the Shrike Bikes empire.

Veronica Vaughn is an explosion ready to happen. Ronnie lives in the here and now. She lives for today. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now. And right now Ron the Bomb Vaughn wants Spencer shrike to leave her the hell alone. She’s done playing his game. She’s done waiting around. She’s moving forward with her own plots, plans, and dreams and she’s moving forward tonight. Ron the Bomb is finally—finally—gonna get some satisfaction.

Too bad Spencer Shrike is standing in her way.

I think I say this way to much but I pretty much fell in love with Spencer Shrike. Right then and there. You think he is an asshole for making Veronica Vaughn cry every single time because she doesn't get the attention she deserves. 

Just seeing why Spencer treats Veronica the way that he does is actually heart warming. He doesn't want any harm coming to her and the best way to do that is to leave her in the cold. God. I wish Ronnie just understood that he only has her best interests. Spencer is bad news. He's a bad man. 

All you can really ask for from J.A. Huss is more insight into Spencer's life because all of her men are so secretive but that just makes them probably 100x more attractive because you want to find out their secrets. 

Okay, when Spencer was first introduced, I thought of him as some muscular midget... I'm doing my surprise/shamed laugh right now because he's 6'3" and that's a foot taller than me. That is no midget. When the reasoning behind the title of this book, let's just say that I swooned. Really hard.

Veronica is spunky as hell and she's beautiful like a pin-up model. Can you blame Spencer for only wanting the best for her? I can't. I want a guy who has my back like Spencer does for Veronica. 

Rating 4 out of 5 stars.

Alright, time to start GUNS. Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

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