Monday, January 25, 2016

GUNS: The Spencer Book - J.A. Huss (Rook & Ronin Spinoff)

Published Date: March 31, 2014
Genre: Romance

Spencer Shrike is a man with a plan. Get in. Get out. Move on. He loves Ron the Bomb, and her safety is the only thing on his mind these days. But life is a tricky bastard, and conning criminals for the better part of ten years brings its own set of problems. Sure, Rook lied her way out of a sticky situation, covering for crimes Ronin, Ford, and Spencer committed, and getting them all off scot-free in the process. 

But not everyone is buying Rook’s story, and Spencer is desperate to figure out who’s in town setting them up for a fall.

Veronica the Bombshell Vaughn has put up with Spencer Shrike’s shit for years and where has it gotten her? A big fat nowhere. No ring, no house, no kids, and no promises. In fact, Spencer is worse than ever—completely distant and moody. She’s done sitting at home, pining over a man she can’t have. 

But she’s not opposed to fighting for him. 

Ron the Bomb fights hard and she fights dirty, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Spencer’s attention.

But now there’s another man in town with his eye on her. He’s got secrets too, but unlike Spencer, Bobby Mansi is more than willing to let Veronica in on them. 

The entire Rook and Ronin series comes full circle. Every con, every lie, and every skeleton in the closet is back for one final shot at vengeance and the only way to set it right… is to get out the guns.

Oh my gosh. Could this book be any more perfect? I laughed. I cried. I laughed some more. My heart got ripped to a million pieces but put back together at the end. There are no words to explain how amazing this book was. I mean, Spencer and Veronica really know how to tug at those heart strings. 

When I read my first J.A. Huss book, I am pretty sure I looked like a ripe tomato because I was blushing so hard. I mean, she was definitely the first author I ever read, well, sex with and I have never squirmed that much in well my lifetime. 

I know for sure that J.A. Huss is my to-go author when I need a steamy romance. 

The Mile High Author Event cannot come soon enough and I know that I will want to meet her for sure and have her sign everything. ;) 

Do understand that this book is a beautiful creature and you will love this book. The only thing is is that you cannot read this book without reading the other books. Books to make you fall in love with Rook. Ronin. Ford. Spencer. Ronnie. Ashleigh. Kate. There's just so much love going around. Can you blame me for the love?

With my satisfaction the the fullest, the book is officially rated a good 4.3 out of 5 stars. Love, love, loved! 

Blog you later, awesome book nerds.

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