Monday, January 11, 2016

Tethered Bond - Emma Hart (Holly Woods Files #3)

Published Date: November 13, 2015
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: Detective Drake Nash: hot, alpha, bossy, and… mine.

Now, if someone could tell his ex that... I don’t care if the summer fayre is coming to Holly Woods and she’s on the planning committee. What I do care about is sugar-filled food, bright lights, late nights… and danger. The type that won’t come in the form of Nonna’s new cantankerous British parrot, Gio. (Please see the damage done to Mom’s new curtains.)

Unfortunately, when the danger comes, it comes in the form of something Holly Woods has never seen. The town is rocked to its core, and once again, I’m in danger. Only this time, it isn’t because of my clients—this time, I’m in danger because of who I am… Because of my heritage.

And despite the HWPD’s best efforts, the bodies keep on piling up.

Drake’s determined to protect me. I’m determined that I can do it myself.

Danger. Mystery. Darkness. Malice.

It’ll be a miracle if any of us make it out of this with guns unfired, cupcakes still frosted, and hearts intact…

OK. Let's get started. First off, ever since I met Noelle Bond through Emma Hart and each of these cases and files get even more gruesome than the previous. In all honesty, although it faces some gruesome stuff that I hope to never have to encounter. Noel has the right to be paranoid and in all honesty, when I started the series, I wanted to be Noelle. Now? Not so much.

But in all honesty, you kind of have to fall in love with Drake and Noelle. You thought that you got twisted up in this book but then, bam. Emma Hart hits us with it again and we got tangled up in their relationship as it grows continuously. Now, we are forever tethered to them. 

I am too nasty to wait for the 4th installment so can we put a rush on it? Please and thank you. What new horror stories will Drake and Noelle have to endure. What will they overcome again? I am just anticipating on my toes for you to come back with more.

This story almost made me want to cry and run back to my old religion because I wanted to pray to something or someone. Satanists scare the heebie jeebies out of me and the fact that they were what were portrayed, I wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. Drake Nash, hold me please! Even Brody Bond can hold me. Trent and Gavin are completely taken but then again so is Drake Nash... He's an acceptation.

You know what Emma should do? Write a book from Drake's perspective. Oh, the feels. Please do this. I don't know if you are reading this but I want this so much. Filled with action, romance, and angst, it's got me feeling stuff that you shouldn't be feeling. Like crying out of happiness.

Now people, if you want to add onto your book boyfriends or girlfriends, this the series to fall for and you cannot deny the satisfaction from finishing this book. Or this series. I mean, it's just satisfaction when you read a book but the romance is overbearing and you want to gag at it. I love romance stories but this more or less focuses on how two people, despite their differences, come together to solve the shit out of these cases.

More or less, so far, what I have realized is that Noelle likes danger. She acts like danger finds her but as a private investigator, she finds herself sticking her noses in places she knows shouldn't be there but cannot resist. Sorry, I am laughing while typing that last sentence because it honestly, kind of, sort of, reminds me of myself.

Noelle has no filter and I think that is what made me fall in love with her even more and tolerate her as a MC... Though I would have preferred it be Drake. But who's listening to me anyways. I rate this book a good 4.4 out of 5 stars and Emma's writing hasn't disappointed me yet. Let's see where 2016 takes her for the Holly Woods Files. 

Blog you later, awesome book nerds. 

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