Friday, January 1, 2016

UPDATE: On My Life (Oh, so interesting... NOT.) Pt. 4

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 I am so glad to start this new year off with everyone and I hope that my audience will grow even more because well, I love you all and you make me so happy. To start off this post, I want to announce that in addition to writing reviews on books and movies, starting January 12, 2015, I will be writing reviews on ABC's freeform show, Shadowhunters. 
What books are you waiting eagerly for upon this year? Many books of Jennifer L. Armentrout are releasing as are Kiera Cass's. I just cannot get enough and I'm sure my other favorite authors will be releasing more books for me to collect but those are two of my favorites that I would love to rattle off.
Are you attending any amazing book signing events this year? I am. I am attending the Mile High Author Event and I cannot wait because this will be my first ever signing and I will get to meet some amazing authors.
I am trying to post every single day but do understand that I will be going off to school again and well I hate the fact that I may not post a lot. I truly love your dedication to me and you have no idea how happy it makes em when I see someone 1+ the shit out of my post. I never thought that I would get an audience but you guys are truly one of a kind. 
I'm no author. I have grammar mistakes and I want to thank you all for being so patient with me and growing with me. 
Expect to see a lot of reviews coming at you because I have a sneak peak at some of the best things in world and cannot wait to bring them to you. 
Blog you later, awesome nerds. You guys rock.

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